Creativity is the Secret Ingredient to Being the Big Draw at That Next Trade Event


If you are an exhibitor who is trying to make a big splash in the market, it is going to be a wise idea to pay attention to the creative appeal of your display.

Think back to any conference that you attended. What was the booth that caught everyone’s attention? Was it the one that only used technology for the sake of it, or was it the one that incorporated smart design features into their presentation? Giving your booth the creative once-over is key to making it attractive to your audience.


A Good Design Process Begins With a Perfect Brief

Planning a creative booth needs a bit of work from the exhibitor as well. For starters, the exhibitor needs to figure out what their specific marketing goals are going to be.

What sort of audience do they expect at the trade event? What kind of an exhibition booth are they going to be using for the conference? And where is all of this going to be taking place? All of these are key questions to answer ahead of deciding on any specific design theme.

Creative Thinking Needs to Be Holistic

A good exhibit house will always go on to do a complete mind mapping before suggesting a design. They will think of your audience and everything that can appeal to that audience. And they will look at the brand in relation to environment it will be displayed in.

For instance, if a brand is going in for a themed expo, they will figure a way of incorporating the theme in the design. They will also look at the customer sentiments at that specific period. Is the expo going to be held alongside FIFA?

They may consider using football in the design to draw attention. So, it is important to partner with the right design agency. They will tell you why not to look at the brand brief in isolation.

Everything Needs to Work in Sync

A brilliant trade show booth design will look pale if it is not in the right dimensions or with the right peripheral ingredients.

So, it is important to look from a distance and see if you are over cluttering the space in the name of creativity. Similarly, if you have a theme to follow, are you better off doing your graphics again instead of refurbishing old ones? Also, you need the collateral, stationery, staff costumes and give-away to fit well into the overall picture. You cannot have a red theme and have you staff designed in blue.

Only when all these things fall in place, the overall booth gets a lifted appeal. If you are unsure of where to start, get the right partners on board. Exponents can guide you right!