Renting a Trade Show Booth Can Be Better Option


Get smart with unconventional trade show booth options


Since the dawn of conferences, exhibitors have asked themselves one main question: How do we get this to work within budget so we can really make a big impact? Well, thanks to the advent of rental trade show booths and other out-of-the-box solutions, exhibitors are taking the smart way out.


Rent Out

No matter what booth size you book, you can get rental choices. And rental booths come in even modular forms, making it easy to fit the allocated space.

And rental booths no longer come with low customization. An exhibitor can work up the entire graphics as per his brand theme and guidelines. And the booth can be done up perfectly with rental accessories, mounts and shelves that match the design.


Go portable

If you don’t want to make a big impact, you can go for a small presence with portable displays. It can be a simple table top with space for the promoter to engage in discussions. It can be modular and can fit your suitcase too. So you can carry it along with you while travelling. There is no need to hire a shipping company too! What better way to save on drayage.


Keep light & local

You need to think practical before opting for a booth design. Looks is not everything. Ask the exhibit house to suggest light weight booths that are cheaper to move around. For out of town exhibitors, trucking their exhibit all the way to the city where they will display it can be a formidable task.

This is especially true in case of large exhibits. By choosing to rent from a local provider of exhibition services, an exhibitor can save on storage as well as drayage costs for their exhibit. This can be a way for them to engage with top rated exhibition services providers who know the city in and out and can therefore provide booths that will fit the venue.

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