Exciting Trade Show Trends Expected in 2024


Trade shows have been witnessing numerous trends over the last few years. Technology has completely changed the way businesses market themselves at different trade shows.

So, why would 2024 be any different? While we have seen many new and exciting trends taking place in the year 2023, there is a lot to come in the year 2024. In this article, we will discuss the different trends that are expected to be prevalent in the trade shows taking place in 2024.


Use of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Virtual Reality has been used in trade show marketing in many ways and can be continued to be used effectively to promote different products.

Virtual Reality gives a unique opportunity to manufacturers to give the consumers an experience of using the product. Using Virtual Reality also helps attract a significant amount of attention from the audience to the company’s trade show displays.

One of the predictions for trade shows taking place in 2024 is the elimination of the need for sales staff at the trade show booths. This is because Artificial Intelligence is being used massively by companies to communicate different things to the customers.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to be incorporated in the trade shows happening in 2024 which will result in the audience getting fascinated by the extensive use of technology and at the same time the communication efforts becoming more efficient for the companies.

This is because Artificial Intelligence can help the companies identify the target customer and hence generate more leads.


Keep the Staff

Even though Artificial Intelligence will be the highlight of your trade show exhibit, it cannot completely take the place of the regular sales staff.

This is because Artificial intelligence is still fairly a new concept and the people do require human assistance to understand your business more.

Hence even in 2024, the elimination of sales staff is not expected to take place on an absolute level.


Use of Digital Games and Contests

Another trend to be followed in trade shows happening in 2024 is the use of contests and games to attract and keep the customers engaged. Companies have been using different giveaway techniques as well as different contests and draw to attract customers and keep them entertained.

This has worked in favor of most of the companies and is a trend that is expected to be followed in the coming year as well.

However, in addition to the regular draws and contests, there are digital games that are expected to become a part of trade shows.

These digital contests will require less effort from the sales staff of the company as it is easier for a digital game or contest to keep the audience engaged and the audience will find this technique to be more attractive due to the different visuals used by the technology.


Use of Campaigns and Themes

As you must have noticed in the recent years, the outlook of the trade show booth has been changing considerably. As we move into the year 2024, we expect to witness the presence of more and more theme based trade show booths that are sure to attract the attention of the audience.

Having a theme specifically designed for trade shows results in more success than an ordinary booth with no aesthetic appeal. People are naturally drawn towards something that looks intriguing and having a trade show booth with a theme will make people want to be a part of a uniquely designed element.

Some companies go a step further and add specifically designed campaigns that cover the uniforms of the sales representatives, the outlook of the trade show booths as well as slogans, taglines and even games and contests.

This helps the companies stand out and have a better brand recall value. The companies can also use applications such as Instagram and Snapchat to promote their trade show presence and attract more audience to their trade show booths.



With so many advancements in technology, it is imperative that companies start planning their tradeshow display ideas for the coming year and use all the different trends given in this article to come up with a trade show marketing campaign that is sure to maximize their return on investment and make their endeavor a success.