How to Choose a Trade Show Booth Design Company?


Displaying your products and services at a trade show booth design company can be immensely lucrative, provided that it is done right.

From communicating with new people and gaining insights into the latest industry trends to generating solid leads and fortifying your brand, the upsides of including trade shows in your annual budget are undeniable.

However, your investment in a trade event should be balanced with the possible ROI if you want to see some real value for money.

For small businesses or first-time exhibitors, this can be challenging. They have little to no experience with trade shows and their budget may not be as generous as that of an established firm.

One effective way around this is to cut down on certain costs. You should consider money-saving tactics such as planning ahead while the pressure is still off, taking advantage of discounted pricing offered by show contractors, accurately estimating your staffing and electrical needs, and renting your convention booth display instead of buying one.


5 Reasons to Rent Your Exhibit


When making the crucial decision of whether to purchase or rent a booths, there are several factors that need to be examined. Cost is an obvious one, but it is far from the only one.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios where renting can be the wiser option for your business:


1. When attending trade shows occasionally:

Owing to the sizeable investment most trade shows command, small businesses tend to limit their participation to a few top-of-the-line events. In such cases, it is better to opt for a rental.

You won’t have to shell out an exorbitant amount on something that will only be used a finite number of times. Even when partaking in four or five trade shows a year, renting will save you money.


2. When looking for flexibility:

Purchasing a trade show booth is a lot like buying an expensive outfit. Sure, it’ll feel great at the beginning when all the compliments are rolling in, but eventually, both you and other people will get bored of seeing you wear the same thing every day.

With a rental, it is the exact opposite. For a much lower price, you will have the freedom of modifying the design of your booth as and when you feel like it. This will keep things fresh and interesting for you as well as the attendees.


3. When catering to budget constraints:

A permanent booth never comes alone – it brings along companion costs that range from maintenance and storage to insurance and disposal, all of which will bite a large chunk out of your budget. If the booth undergoes any damage or even the usual wear-and-tear, repair and refurbishment costs will come out of your pocket.

Renting a booth requires no such commitments. After you are done with a show, you can return the booth to the exhibit house without worrying about its well-being.


4. When seeking endless customization:

The greatest misconception among businesses is that rental is tackier or more cookie-cutter than a purchased booth. The look of any trade show booth depends largely on how it is customized, and while permanent booths suffer from limited options, rentals rarely do.

You can alter the design of your custom trade show booth in such a way that it encompasses the unique image of your brand. From interactive displays to portable banners, the customization options at your disposal are never-ending.


5. When hoping to save time:

Trade shows are time-consuming operations. They demand your undivided attention while making it impossible to focus on just one thing at a time.

With so many tasks to complete, adding a permanent booth to the mix will only make it harder for you to concentrate on what’s important – your product and how you present it.

Renting a booth means delegating the job of designing, building, and delivering the exhibit to a team of professionals. They will take care of everything from shipping the booth to installing and dismantling.


Choosing the Right Trade Show Booth Designing Company


Of course, these benefits can only be enjoyed if you employ trade show booth manufacturers who know what they are doing. On the surface, every exhibit design company may seem like that, but don’t be charmed by appearances alone.

Make the best of your trade show experience by choosing a partner that is right for you. Here are some things to consider while searching for the perfect trade show exhibit company:



In order to create a booth that truly stands out among the competition, a designer should have enough experience to know what past, present, and future trade show trends entail.

The longer the design firm has been in business, chances are the more innovative and out-of-the-box their solutions will be. Asking about the company’s experience is also a smart idea because it will reveal how many brands have come back for repeat business, which will tell you everything you need to know about their qualifications.



Your search for a compatible exhibit design agency should be based upon the kind of services you expect. For instance, if you’re looking for a trade show rental, eliminate from consideration the companies that only offer custom trade show booths that call for buying, and if you want to invest in a 10×10 space, disregard designers who work solely with larger booths.

Another thing you want to think about is if the company is equipped to meet your budget and time frame, two of the most valuable resources of any business attending a trade show. The best way of finding out is to be clear about your needs from the get-go.



The advantage of choosing trade show booth builders who have been in the business for a long time is their adept understanding of the prices. They know exactly what will be needed to make your booth space look appealing to your target audience and how much it will cost.

This knowledge helps them work within the allotted budget, eradicating the possibility of bait and switch pricing – a common tactic among inexperienced designers. Proficient exhibit design companies take full responsibility of their quotes and provide you the best services your budget will allow.


Customer Service:

As a client, you will be spending a lot of hours with designers. It is their onus to prioritize your needs and make you feel valued. As long as it is within reason, you should feel comfortable getting in touch with them several times during the day and seeking advice or alterations to the layout.

Dealing with people who are friendly, welcoming, and take your booth display ideas seriously is of unquestionable importance to your overall trade show experience.


Why Exponents is a Good Fit


Our team of honest, hardworking, and highly experienced designers has played an active role in the trade show success of an impressive roster of clients. We have a knack for coming up with booth ideas that really hit the nail on the head, resulting in displays that catch the customers’ eye and engage their attention.

If you decide to work with us, here is what you will be signing up for:


End-to-end Project Management:

For every project we get, we assign a dedicated project manager to handle the logistics and work with you through every step of the process.

Whether it is setting up a timeline or selecting the design of your booth, we will prioritize your needs. You can rest assured that while your business is in our hands, we’ll treat it like our own.


Open-ended Pricing:

Unlike any other company in the U.S., we offer open-ended prices that take into account the services you want us to provide. Once we give you a quote, it is a guarantee that we will not budge from it.

Our sensible costs will save you a lot of time negotiating for a fair deal.


Peace-of-mind Booth Builds:

We won’t wait until the day of the event to unveil the masterpiece to you. As soon as we’re done bringing your dream booth to life, we will call you over for a test drive.

Only when you are satisfied with every single detail of the finished product will we deliver it to the venue. If you think the booth requires any modifications, we’ll get back to work right away and make sure everything is as you want it to be.


No-sweat Installation:

We know all hands on your deck are probably too busy working on ways to dazzle customers. We won’t pry you away from the important things just to install your booth.

Our team of skillful workers will take care of everything from shipping to installation and dismantling with the utmost care for every material.

We want your trade show booth design to be as extraordinary as your product is. Being pioneers in the industry for so many years has given us the exact assortment of tools and talents required to accomplish this task.

If you entrust us with your trade show goals, we will do our best to not only meet them but exceed them, like we have done for some great brands from around the world. We’d love to add your name to that list!