How to Create Remarkable 20×20 Trade Show Rental Exhibits?


Trade shows are proven as a viable marketing channel in front of visitors. When they enter the trade show venue, the first thing they notice is the booths lined up waiting to invite them to the booth premises.

However, the booth they eventually choose to spend time with depends on the initial impression emanating from it.  So if the 20×20 trade show rental exhibits really stand out in terms of creative, aesthetic, and functional appeal, they will not mind giving their time to walk into it and get to know the brand better.

For this, a professional booth designer and builder will come in handy and provide useful assistance. They will be able to identify the below trends and incorporate the same into the custom trade show rental booths design.

  • Thinner, lighter, minimalistic digital display
  • Use of VR and AR to create immersive display experiences
  • Simplified and minimalistic design structure
  • Use of quirky details that resonates with the unique brand identities


How Design Thinking Accentuates the Trade Show Experience?


With strategic design thinking in the booth designing and building process, you get the opportunity to create a distinct persona for your own brand.

So while there may be scores of businesses that sell the same line of product, a tactically crafted trade show exhibits manages to hold on its own against the intense competition.

Here are some ways to harness design thinking to create superior trade show booth ideas:


Brand Image


The design needs to closely align with the brand image of the company. If it is a confectionary or chocolate brand, it won’t be surprising to see a booth that is quirky and possesses vibrant hues and shades.

For a technology brand, subtle and understated shades with geometric designs will be the norm to target its key audience – CEOs, decision makers, CTOs, and CIOs.


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning


The trade show design needs to consider the target audience segment of the show visitors. This will be a crucial aspect as a mismatch between the two would mean engagement disasters and lead to a poor trade show experience.

Design thinking in 20×20 exhibit booths will remove barriers in effective communication with visitors and convert the booth to a lead magnet.


Integration of Cost Efficiency and Performance


The booths need to facilitate cost-effective designs that allow reusability of the brand. Brand specific content and graphics will help convey your marketing messages in a subtle yet effective manner.

With signage, shelves, digital projections, and banners all working cohesively, the booth will radiate a singular message when you need to interact with total strangers and convert them to highly engaged customers.


Floor Layout


Design thinking will help you look beyond simple plans and elevate the overall experience a visitor derives from custom trade show rental booths.

Some of the key considerations include positioning of the booth (is it placed in a corner, or is it near the entry of venue), maximum usage of the allotted space, and the lighting and ventilation.

You also need to determine the placement of entry points and positioning of various compartmentalized sections (demo area, gamification area, lounge, one-on-one interaction space).

This ensures maximum usage of floor plan where every square inch works towards building your credibility and improving the visual appeal.


Ingredients of a Good Trade Show Exhibit Design


It is clear that achieving these objectives is a complex task that needs to go beyond DIY exhibit designs. A professional like Exponents will enable you to extract maximum value from an aesthetically crafted 20×20 trade show rental exhibit design that uplifts engagement and elevates on-site conversions.

Some of the key design-centric USPs that you get from a professional expert includes –


Industry Stalwarts on the Team


You need professional experts that have in-depth domain experience to understand your brand philosophy and then apply their creative finesse to come up with designs that truly stand apart at the crowded live event.

Make sure to check that the team has proven its mettle across different industry verticals for both startups and blue-chip enterprises.

With this step, you can be assured that they would be capable of delivering exemplary quality designs and be a valuable partner in your trade show participation success.

Brands like Exponents have carved a niche with design-centric focus. The team of designers have created more than 500 pre-built designs to help you make a decision quickly and come up with a well-designed booth. These designs are geared to turbocharge sustained engagement and on-site conversions.


Indigenous Manufacturing


Many trade show booth builders outsource the production and manufacturing work. As a result, the overall quality control isn’t maintained properly.

With a mismatch of expected outcomes versus the final delivery of the booth, the overall experience remains extremely poor.

The unfortunate part about this is that by the time you realize this issue, it is too late to rectify the problem. Hence, you would be forced to go with sub-standard quality booth even when you know that the eventual outcome would be far less than satisfactory.

A good booth builder will have indigenous manufacturing carried out at its own workshop. Since there is no delegation of any activity or outsourcing of the work, you can be assured of total adherence to quality norms.

The delivery of booths would be perfectly lined up with your corporate vision and trending trade show booth ideas.


Total Quality Control


Sub-standard quality will mean a trade show catastrophe. Since the overall look and feel will not match your expectations, your participation at the live event will not be as successful as anticipated.

With individual elements not working cohesively, the visitor will not find anything unique or refreshing about the design and simply ignore the booth on the event day.

An experienced booth builder will overcome this barrier with a firm control over quality. Since it uses standardized best practices, the custom trade show rental booth will adhere to quality norms.

There is no last minute hiccups or structural issue with such a booth. This will help your brand to create a riveting presence that stands apart from the crowd in the event.


Brand Graphics and Content Hold the Key to Brand Differentiation


In a trade show, you will be participating with scores of other competitors that operate with the same product group. As such it becomes very complex to make your booth to look and feel different from the others and display a magnetic appeal.

A plagiarized design erodes brand value of the business, brand differentiation gets cut off, and this prevents you from getting a positive trade show experience.

By bringing on-board a skilled booth building company, you can ensure that the brand-centric design is crystal clear and unambiguous terms in front of visitors. This way, the 20×20 trade show rental exhibit design reinforces brand visibility and makes it unique.

In addition, the layout and appearance of the booth premises too have a strong impact in how effectively you are able to lure the visitors to the booth.

Having a clutter-free effect will ensure that there is a dedicated and logical space for every single element inside the booth that will follow the buyer journey.

It will also enable proper ventilation, entry/ exit points, and walking space for the attendees even when it is crowded with high volume of visitors and your staff present.


A look at Price-Performance Combination


In a world of shrinking business margins and incredible demand on higher ROI, it is important for your marketing team to justify the budgets allocated to trade show participation.

For this, you need to get total cost-efficiency when working with trade show booth design and manufacturing. A good 20×20 exhibit booth builder will optimize the price-performance combination by providing clear pricing that is communicated at the initiation stage.

This remains consistent at all stages of the project execution. When the cost doesn’t overshoot due to hidden charges or add-on billing, you can control costs and extract phenomenal ROI.


A Comment on What a Great Trade Show Booth Design Means


“Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

This quote aptly sums up the importance of design thinking when getting a trade show booth built for your promotional needs.

There are a lot of considerations that need to be accounted for when transforming your booth to a reality distortion field. This will have a psychological impact to create a ‘pull’ or inbound effect to improve traffic, boost volume of sales queries and drive higher on-site conversion rate.

It is crucial that you hire the services of an expert booth design and manufacturing company to meet your trade show objectives.

Exponents will be a good choice in this regard. We have indigenous manufacturing technology that we harness at our workshops.

We use the specialist workmanship of our own team to deliver high-impact 20×20 exhibit rental booth designs that excels at drawing visitors’ attention and providing you maximum ROI.