Get Exciting Trade Show Rental Booth Designs With Our Online Search Tool


A trade show booth is the first thing visitors see when they are walking past the multiple booths at a live event. A structured layout and elegant aesthetics captivate a visitor to walk into the booth rather than just walk by.

At Exponents, we believe that setting up a trade show booth is an art and a science. Hence you would need professional expertise to help you make a choice where every square inch works towards fulfilling your trade show participation goals.

A good builder will leverage its deep domain experience to suggest a booth design that resonates with your brand philosophy and your trade show visitor expectations.

You will get strategic advice on how to use space effectively without bringing in clutter or inconvenience to the attendees.

You will also come to know how to best design the booth premises so that your lead generation and on-site sales goals are met.


Challenges with Random Selection of Booth Designer

Since the trade show booth needs to draw in visitors with its intricate design and layout, there should be a careful consideration of which booth designer and builder you go with.

You need to be alert on the below challenges associated with random selection of booth builders.



1 – Asymmetric Information

Imagine if you had a specific vision of the booth and the eventual outcome is radically different from that vision. Incorrect sizes, wrong layout, poor selection of color shades, textures, and designs, or even wrong placement of the various elements can harm your lead generation prospects.

This mismatch of expectation versus delivery is the key challenge of not opting for professional experience from a custom trade show booth expert.

An ideal way to overcome this challenge is to have a clear view of the booth you will get, well ahead of the event day. This way, you can rest assured that the final installation will attract visitor visibility, and gain marketing traction for your business.


2 – Adverse Selection

Many booth builders present a quote at the beginning and when the final invoice is presented, the amount is inflated far beyond the initial quotation that you had agreed upon.

This will reduce the ROI you receive with trade show booths delivered by such unscrupulous designers.

A credible custom trade show display designer will understand that you operate within the constraints of a limited marketing budget and any surprising price fluctuation will render the entire trade show participation experience pointless.

Hence, it will be the booth designing expert’s responsibility to provide an all-inclusive quote at the beginning and stick with it.


3 – Entitlement Failure

As a customer, you are entitled to know what features and functionalities accompany the trade show booth. There needs to be a clear guidance on the inclusion and exclusion that come with a specific booth design.

It should not happen that once the booth is set up in the venue, you come to know of a missing feature that can ruin your sales pitch and audience attraction goals.

You need to be informed of all the inclusions you are entitled to with the deliverable. This way there is no mismatch or concern with the final installation and thus, visitor experience remains high.


4 – Lack of Visualization

The entire process of setting up your brand for display at the trade show booth and then luring in visitors is a blend of visual sensory experience combined with convenience.

In order to drive this goal, you should first get a preview of the booth you will get, way before the construction even begins. With multiple views of the top, side, and front, you can decide if the overall aesthetics appeal to the visitor persona.


How the Booth Finder Tool Offers Invaluable Assistance?

In order to alleviate the above challenges and make the booth selection process a rewarding one for you, we have devised an interesting ‘Booth finder’ tool.

It shows you the versatility of different options in colors, shades, location, and budget, and how you can mix and match multiple options to get a booth that exactly aligns with your vision of the perfect trade show booth.


How the Tool Works?

The online booth finder tool is designed to provide you with the exact matching booth depending on your choice.

You can select your booth design in two simple steps

1. Select the City location where you would be exhibiting

2. The size of the booth you require

No need to wait for a reply on quotes for multiple designs. You can make a choice from a drop-down menu and select the various options to update the city. You will get a range of booth designs along with the indicative pricing.

Avoid going back and forth with the booth builder company representatives for knowing the price for different combinations of these elements. We leave it up to you to look at all possible combinations, view the quote on the spot, and then pick a booth that is in-line with your marketing budgets.


What Benefits you Get by Using the Booth Finder Tool?

Selection of the right booth is made easier with the tool. Check out some features of the booth finder tool and how it impacts your selection process with informed decision-making


1 – Comprehensive Information

You will remain protected from asymmetric information when you have all the possible options laid out before you. The online booth finder tool is designed to accomplish this with a user-friendly interface.

With Exponents’ proprietary tool, you can avail of 3 varieties of design:


Pre-designed booths

We have over 500 pre-built designs. These modular designs are standardized based on our 30 years of experience in more than 50 US locations. You can browse through the designs and pick one to be used for your upcoming show.


Customizable booth template

Here, you can use the pre-built template as the base building block and personalize it further with custom graphics and content.

This way, you can use the modular approach and yet have your own branding, shades, textures, and graphics integrated for a better level of personalization.

We make sure that the functional design blends engagement and enhances security of the elements


Fully customized booth

Want a fresh booth that is out of the box, innovative, and unique? Then our expert consultants can brainstorm with you and conceptualize fresh design that has unique dimension, layout, format, and configuration.

This will help you customize various factors like structural changes, unique architecture, or add enclosed design with specific exit points instead of open design.

You can also get custom floor plan with compartmentalized section such as those used for gamification or one on one meeting spaces.


2 – Pricing That Justifies the Selection

Be it purchase boothw, rental booths, or turn-key, we offer a range of pricing options. You can remain safe from unwarranted price fluctuations. We know how much the budgets matter to the success of your overall marketing campaigns.

The booth finder tool quotes a comprehensive pricing that factor in all aspects of trade show booth design and building. This pricing remains stable throughout the project. Hence, you get 100% peace of mind with the tool.


3 – Know About the Features You Are Entitled To

Get total protection from entitlement failure. When you make your selection for a particular design on the booth finder tool, you will be shown all inclusions and exclusions that will accompany the booth delivery.

Some of the common inclusions are:

All Hardware shown on the results page of the booth finder tool

New Graphics as per client artwork

Lights, Counter, and carpet

Furniture (if available)

TV Screen and digital signage banner

Shipping to convention center and back

Installation and Dismantling services

Project Management services


Elements like drayage, electricity costs at the venue, and any rigging charges are typically excluded. The booth finder tool will list down all the key elements that will be a part of your booth delivery.

This will help you factor in all elements and make provisions in case of any exclusion. As an outcome, you will be able to drive a stellar experience to the booth visitors when you are fully prepared.


4 – 360ᵒ Visualization

Build a suitable visual sensory experience with our tool. It offers you 3 distinct views

  • Lateral view: Get a view from different angles and determine if the layout and format are radiating a consistent image and the hero product is depicted with the help of adequate lighting and elevation.
  • Front view: Explore the view that the visitors will first see and use it to create the right first impression.
  • Top view: Get an overall visual perspective with a top view look so that you can see the overall structure and the boundaries.


With the booth finder tool, you can request brand customization for greater impact. You can also raise query or get in touch with customer support via the online tool.


Make a Smart Business Move

Go ahead! Use the booth finder tool on our website and explore the different choices made available to you. You can obtain a quick quote on your chosen city of exhibition and booth size.

The ‘on the spot’ pricing will assist in speeding up the approvals needed to get an amazing booth designed, developed, and deployed by our indigenous team of experts at Exponents.