How to Determine Which Leads to Target Before the Trade Show?


Leads are crucial to your trade show, as they are the ones you will try to target for conversion. However, by knowing which leads are actually going to end up buying your product and which ones are only going to waste your budget, you can make an optimum use of your sales resources. Here are some easy ways to determine which leads to target.


  • Find out if your lead has a genuine requirement for your product

A lead who does not need your product is least likely to buy it no matter what sales gimmicks you use at the convention. Ask your lead pointing questions to see if they have a problem that your product can solve. You can also ask them if they are willing to spend on something that solves their issue so that you know just how willing they actually are to invest in your product.


  • Take a look at how unique your product is

Your lead is more likely to make a purchase if your product is the only one that can do what it does. What you need to do, therefore, is to ask yourself how unique your product is. Even if your product has competitors in the market, you can show your lead that you do things in a completely different way and that is how it is different from the rest.


  • Determine if they have enough budget to make a purchase

Sometimes, you are trying to pitch to an investor who just does not have enough budget to want to make a purchase. What you need to do is to take a look at whether the lead actually has the finances to be able to make the investment in your brand. In most cases, the lead is merely putting out a feeler to see what is available so that they can make a decision to buy it much later. You can ask your lead to see if they have set aside any budget to solve the problem that they are currently facing. They can then take a look at whether money can be arranged for this purpose if not done already.


  • How influential is the lead?

Your prospect will not be able to invest in your product if they are not the ones who are usually in charge of making buying decisions. Also, you are wasting your time and resources in playing up to this type of lead. What you need to do is to map out who has the right buying power within the company so that there is determination made of who makes purchasing decisions within the firm.


  • Work out the timeline

In some cases, the lead has all the budget, decisions and desires in place, but has no intention of making a purchase in the near future. You can ask whether the lead has any plans of buying your product and see when they plan to do so. The timeline can then be worked out so that you can plan to invite the lead for the conference when the time is right.

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