Trade show booths that can be large on a small budget

While investing a great deal of money in your booth can be a great way to get it noticed by the crowd, there are other ways in which you can have an attractive booth even on a small budget. Here are ways in which you can keep your expenditure low and yet have a great looking trade show booth:

  • Select the right shows to exhibit at: You cannot be everywhere at once. It makes more sense to choose the right shows that you should be exhibiting at. Therefore, you need to invest in a bit of research to figure this out. Things to look out for include the cost of exhibiting at the venue, the kind of people who attend and what the profile of the visitors are. Most conventions track all of these things so it is a lot easier to figure out which ones you need to attend.
  • Share your booth: Another way to keep costs low is to simply share your booth with another exhibitor. It makes more sense to do this with a non competing exhibitor who can complement your product. Just make sure that each of your booth spaces is distinct from each other so you can make sure that people do not mix the two of you up.
  • Invest in the right banners: Make sure that your banner is one that is attractive to people. It should have the right visuals on it, along with the right text. This should make people sit up and pay attention. You can use banner stands and pop up displays so that visitors are attracted to what you are selling. Have it placed at eye level and within sight of your visitors.
  • Make your marketing materials useful: Don’t let your flyers and brochures only be about your product and its merits. Add in some useful information that people probably had no idea about. This will allow your brand to be even more relevant to the people who stop by at the booth. It will also help your brand to make a connection with the crowd.
  • Use videos in your booth: Have a video constantly playing in your booth so that there is little need for someone to have to explain what your product is about to people. If people can just watch the video and understand about your brand in under a minute, there’s a greater chance of them understanding about it.
  • Give away the right gifts: There are good giveaways that can and should be invested in for promotional materials. These materials are best for you to be remembered by your visitors well after you have ended the show. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit on these as that will help your materials to be the best at the show, and you to be remembered as the booth that had them.

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