How to Drive Attendees to Exhibition Booths?


It is important to fix the responsibility of driving attendees to attend your trade show booth. The event manager can do his bit by promoting the event as a whole and marketing the destination of the trade show. The show managers can extend their help to the exhibitors by providing them with avenues to increase traffic. After all if the brand enjoys commercial gains it will automatically sign up for the next year.

  • Align the marketing initiative with the brand

The marketing initiatives, the give away and the contests should all aim at quality lead generation. Footfall is important only if it is meaningful. It is also important to assess the social media impact by running these campaigns, if the objective is also brand awareness and recognition.

  • Smart competitions to grab eye balls

The competitions should be in sync with the brand and product. The reward for participation or winning could be a service allied with the brand. It will strengthen your core business while doubling as a gift. This is also a verified lead generation tool. They can be conducted both as online and offline contests. Social Media contests can be used for preshow marketing to ensure footfall to your booth. The offline promotion can be achieved with QR codes and NFC tags. The contests should not take more than 30 seconds or the participants lose interest.

  • Photo booths are a good way to gain attention

Photo booths are the rage this season. Taking pictures in front of the booth and streaming them online enhances the brand value and keeps the customer happy. The print of the photograph can be embossed with the brand’s logo and given away as a prize.

  • Wi-Fi Party on Social Media

Free Wi-Fi connectivity is still a major draw for attendees. Lead generation can be achieved by tying the free connectivity with a free service. Twitter hashtags can be created with the hashtag and associated with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Customer Service is king

The customer service coordinator is a powerful tool to fill gaps in the services provided by the event managers. It is a shortcut to getting the customer’s attention and good will. Wi-Fi, seminars, education services and Social Media contests all keep the interest alive and the customer engaged.

  • Buy Premium Advertisements on Event Mobile App

The Event App Bible provides premium sponsor opportunities are recurring features in the apps. With the growing use of event mobile apps, use strong promotional messages to secure precious advertising in a very relevant fashion and increase revenue.

  • Product Samples and product launch

Giving away a product sample or service is a successful exhibition tactic. The well attended trade show is the best place to launch a new product. The hype can be created from before the event and the product launched amidst great fanfare.

These are some ways in which we can create a positive vibe at the trade show. Take the preshow momentum forward and reap the benefits.