Trade Show Games to build brand awareness


There are myriad ways to improve brand awareness, booth traffic, create more leads, increase ROI and build future sales at a trade show. One of the easiest and most effective ways is to incorporate trade show related games into the event.


The Trade Show #Hashtag Social Media Game

A brand specific Twitter hashtags can be created to host a trade show game on Social Media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to get a host of attendees to notice your brand. You can taste tremendous success with games as the cornerstone of your trade show promotion.


Selecting a brand-specific hashtag

Keep the hashtag short, simple, and easy to recall. Be the early bird, launch your hashtag much before the event to start marketing campaigns around it. Be regular with your postings and use it liberally to promote your pre-show, during the show and post-show marketing. All your Social Media posts, banners, business cards, etc. should have the hashtag incorporated into them.

Create competitions that involve the usage of the hashtag in some way. This helps in creating brand visibility. Random prizes should be announced for respondents and should be awarded at in show attendees. This will ensure that your seminars and meets are well attended.


Instagram Games

Instagram can be used to create interesting games on the photograph posting theme, to increase brand visibility. You can hire models to roam the venue with distinguishing brand logos or objects. They can be the object of photographs that are submitted on the Brand’s Instagram page by the participants. Prizes may be announced and awarded publically to ensure publicity during the show. This exercise can be carried out throughout the show to grab the attention of the attendees at regular intervals.


Trivia games to boost brand recall

Trivia has always been a crowd puller. Use all Social Media platforms to ask trivia questions about your brand, the venue or any other related topic about the industry you belong to. The participants should follow your brand on Social Media. Twitter handles of your brand can be used to gather replies to the trivia questions floated by you. Randomly award prizes to the winners.


Copy the favorite Game shows from television

All visitors love following games based on popular television series. Formulate questions regarding our brand and related industry in a similar format and use it on the trade show floor to garner the attention of the attendees. Gather the contact information of the attendees who are playing the game. Make the questions interesting and challenging. Timelines are beneficial in getting maximum attendees to play the game. Give away exciting prizes to lure potential customers.


Trade Show Photo Booth Games are popular

Photo trade show booths are extremely popular at trade shows. They are very well attended and also double as takeaways. A discreetly placed brand logo, and a location that also captures the booth as a background ensures brand recall and recognition. After all who does not like an attractive photograph in this age of selfies!