How to Ensure Success with a 20×20 Booth Rental?


Trade shows have lost none of their appeals even in times of the Internet. At trade shows, you offer customers and prospect a unique opportunity to deal directly with the products and services of companies in a “live” manner. Moreover, the prospective customer can access and compare the offer of an entire industry in a confined space in an almost unique manner.

In particular, the times when the flow of visitors weakens must be used optimally in order to still generate contacts and leads. It is precisely for these phases that fair appearance ideas with great attraction have to be developed. Active and creative companies tackle this challenge with great self-confidence because you know that there are differences between an average or an excellent achievement of the trade show goals. And everything has to be subordinated to these goals. Because it takes a lot of effort and exciting trade show booth ideas to shift your participation to a profitable dimension.

In the following, we would like to provide you with top 20×20 trade show booth ideas for stimulating the flow of visitors:



A very important moment is the activities on your booth rental. If there are no attractive demonstrations there, everything is “business as usual”. Without interesting booth promotions, you shouldn’t expect the few visitors to storm the booth. And this project starts with the opening of the show.

Every 60 minutes, a new product is the focus and demonstrated on the rental booth. Or different campaign ideas – no matter whether competition, interview round, product presentation, etc. – alternate every hour.



If nobody knows anything about your actions, they will not be drawn to your 20×20 trade show booths. So make sure that your action plan with the cool trade show promotions is known. Use the possibilities that the organizer gives you for this.

Publish the day plan with the trade show ideas publicly by presenting it on a billboard or in a picture projection with the action data. This enables visitors to orientate themselves better and to divide up the time.



It is very common for a decision-maker, an expert or a celebrity to be invited at your rental booth. Try to integrate it into the booth situation. It is a proven idea for a trade show booth campaign if you conduct an interview with the celebrity.

With a camera and an audio system, images of the interviewer and his respondent can be projected using a projector. One can also, for example, ask satisfied users of the products or simply visitors to the booth for their opinion on topics related to products or services.



Happy Hour exposes a key reflex in humans: discount! Especially in times of weak visitor flow, a special campaign as a cool trade show campaign can bring new dynamism to your 20×20 trade show displays. Or you can offer certain people certain discounts at certain times

For example, seniors from 9 A.M. to 10 A.M., families between 2 P.M. and 4 P.M. You can also expect defined target groups at certain times and develop special programs for them.



Do you know familiar faces from the industry? People, who are in the trade show region in public life? Maybe celebrities from radio or TV? Let your charm play and try to invite these public figures to your own booth. Conduct an interview, an autograph session, or a competition with them – and make sure in advance that everyone knows what is happening at your booth rental.



The morning in particular is recommended to specifically invite press representatives to the booth. The general visitor traffic is rather weak and one has the necessary time to deal extensively with the media representatives. Prepare sufficient material in advance – press releases, pictures, etc.

A press talk can also be held at your booth at business fairs. Draw attention to this with notices in the press center. It is important to prepare a detailed and up-to-date press kit for the journalists.



The entrance area of ​​a trade show lends itself to a wide variety of actions and measures. Visitors are still in the decision-making phase about what to visit at the fair. Get approval for a flyer distribution campaign from the organizer.

Warning: In most cases, this is not free of charge. But it’s worth it. The distribution of the flyers is particularly recommended if your trade show booth is far from the entrance. Contents like: “First of all to us. The first 50 visitors a day who come to our 20×20 booth design by 10.30 a.m. will receive a free trial package.” attracts attention.



It is advisable to provide attendees with the booth information material for their peers to take along after the show. This can be a small gift voucher, which is given the name of the recipient and printed out on site.

Or set up a PC station where visitors can print out the vouchers themselves. Or they are vouchers for the online shop – provided with a trade show code. Also, think of possible free services that will be provided after the show.



A professional speaker or moderator is not only able to convey interesting information about products or promotions on your booth but also to actively attract visitors to the 20×20 trade show booth. So it’s worth thinking about a professional speaker – preferably a radio journalist from the region.

He knows the people and their needs from the region and knows how to comment on events at the booth all day long, address people, and draw attention to what is going on at the booth.



It is best to arrive at trade show booths that do not present their objects in a sterile trade show atmosphere but during use. If the application or production of the products and services can be demonstrated, more visitors are automatically attracted. Present your products during practical use.

Demonstrate the advantages of your salad grater, kitchen appliances, mobile homes, video games, or whatever belongs to your product portfolio very prominently at your booth rental. You will see – the visitors will be fascinated!

With a well-thought-out concept and attractive 20×20 trade show booth ideas these goals are quite achievable. Moreover, it is crucial to set serious and realistic goals.