How to Make the Most of Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Displays?


Whether you are presenting at a trade show for the first or thirtieth time in your career, you will have many choices to make.

From deciding where you want your booth to stand to determining the best way to show your branding through your display, with an event as important as an industry expo, every selection that you make will matter.

When it comes to designing your display, every little detail is important. Everything from color choice to furniture arrangement must be fastidiously planned. One of the biggest decisions that a marketing executive must make for a trade show is what size booth to choose.

With many major rental companies offering booths and displays in a variety of dimensions, you will be faced with a crucial issue: What type of space is needed to properly market and sell your product?

Many companies and brands swear by trade show booth displays with 20×20 dimensions, citing it as the perfect size for both small and large companies.

It’s large enough to make a bang at the expo, but not so enormous that prospective customers lose their way. As a medium-sized rental, a 20×20 booth provides opportunities to impress and pitch your future clients on a manageable scale.

Do you have an upcoming trade show or expo? If you’re considering a 20×20 rental for your event, you’re in luck: a booth with these dimensions lends itself to dozens of opportunities to create an engaging and lucrative display.

At Exponents, we live and breathe trade show culture, and we’re proud to share our knowledge with you. Check out our guide to 20X20 trade show booth displays to guarantee you make the most of your next trade show.


Go Under the Influence

If you spend any time on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, you might be familiar with the concept of influencer marketing. Essentially, an influencer is a well-known “personality” who works with brands to promote their products naturally through their social media pages.

Generally, they have thousands of social media followers, often from all around the world. Brands pay these influencers to post selfies, videos, and photos to their Instagrams—and other visual social media—of their products.

It’s very possible to utilize influencer marketing and social media in “real life” circumstances like trade shows and expos. By allowing prospects to interact with an influencer or endorser, rather than just watch them sell a product, they have an exclusive and special experience with your brand.

Perhaps your company has already worked with an influencer—great! They already know about your brand, and visitors may recognize something they liked from your previous campaigns.


Photobooth Fun

A recent trend among trade show displays is to build and utilize a branded photo booth for your attendees to visit. This is a great way to engage visitors—who don’t love a fun photo booth? It can also promote brand recognition and a larger social media presence.

When designing a photo station for your trade display, take care to ensure that everything is in line with your company’s branding and mission. Props and background design should be similarly themed—always use your brand’s colors and imagery!

Be sure to encourage your attendees to post the photos they take on social media. This is important! Always remember to include a branded hashtag that attendees can post along with anything related to your brand that they post to social media.

To promote this, you might want to consider a giveaway or deal related to an Instagram or social media post. Even a small discount is enough enticement for many people to post and tag a photo on social media.


Alter Your Reality

Augmented reality isn’t just for Pokémon games anymore. Many brands have been incorporating the exciting technology into the world of their trade show displays and marketing. Some have used it to create a sort of “virtual photo booth,” using augmented reality to create photo filters.

These filters, which gained popularity through Snapchat, utilize augmented reality to alter a smartphone selfie or photo. Though it’s perhaps most frequently used to transform a normal face into a doe-eyed unicorn or flower-crown laden deer, the same technology can be used to create an image that suits your brand.

When it comes to branded selfies using augmented reality, you have plenty of options. Choose imagery and themes that create a fun and immersive photo of your customer in the fantasy world of your brand. You could even consider letting attendees “become” your company’s mascot!

Of course, we recommend you encourage participants to post their selfies on social media— using a branded hashtag, of course.


Charge It Up

It may sound like a small detail, but booths with charging stations are some of the biggest hotspots at trade shows. It makes sense—at a busy industry event, you are often using your phone or tablet to conduct business all day.

By offering the attendants of your trade show a way to charge their devices at your booth, you are making a few good decisions. First, you are increasing traffic to your booth. Second, you are keeping people inside your display for long periods of time, giving them the opportunity to be immersed in the world of your brand for longer. Third, you are giving prospective customers a taste of your company and your mission while they are feeling comfortable and relaxed. They can actually enjoy themselves! All of these factors will generate a buzz about your booth throughout the expo and create a bustling vibe inside the display.


Don’t Let Them Pass You By

Take a page out of Sharpie®’s indelible book. They recently attended a trade show where they created a giant paper wall for passersby to color and write on with their product. A detail like this is great for attendees—it’s low commitment, it sparks interest, and, best of all, it’s fun.

By giving passersby an enticing activity to play with, you are giving them a reason to stop and consider your brand, even if it’s something they think they know well. With a 20×20 rental, you have enough space to create a fun and interactive exterior display for your brand.

One idea is to ask passersby a universal question that relates to your brand and allow them to write their own responses on the wall. As they write their own and read other people’s responses, they will see your company in a new light.


Go with the Pros

When it comes to designing your booth, don’t leave anything to chance. A professional trade show rental booths company will be your best bet to ensure that you make the most of your next expo.

At Exponents, we offer end-to-end help with your trade show experience, including booth design, setup and disassembly, delivery, construction, and even project management. We offer an incredible selection of trade show booths of every size and for every budget and industry.

Are you ready for the best trade show of your career? Get in touch with our team at Exponents today to talk to us about your brand, your needs, and your vision the future.