How to Solve Your Trade Show Booth Rental Problems?


Companies rely on exposing their products to new customers, and one of the most effective ways to accomplish that objective is to participate in trade shows.

While companies can choose to purchase a trade show booth, there are distinct advantages offered by renting a booth. At the same time, however, there are some problems businesses typically encounter when renting display booths. There are ways to avoid those problems.


Booths Must Fit the Space Provided


Most trade show venues offer specific display space sizes, and booths are designed to fit those spaces. For example, a 10’x10’ space is common. That simply means your booth must fit that space and not encroach on an adjoining one. However, there may be times when the only space available is 10’x20’.

That means a 10’x10’ booth won’t function well. If a company owns a booth, that size discrepancy creates waste and won’t allow the company to garner the best return on investment from the space. If, on the other hand, a business chooses to rent a display booth, the size issues can easily be resolved.

Renting different sizes of booths also makes it possible for companies to experiment with different types of displays. If a corner display is available, a company may elect to see if the paying the higher cost for that positioning provides a positive return on investment. Renting a booth designed for a corner position allows flexibility owning a different type of booth can’t provide.


Staying Within a Budget


Buying a display is generally quite expensive. In some cases, the purchase may be justified, but many business owners are discovering it’s more cost effective to rent a display booth rather than purchasing one.

Every company has some type of budget, and staying within that budget is always a challenge. If you’re only going to attend two or trade shows, it’s less expensive to rent than purchase a booth.

If you’ve got questions about the pros and cons of renting in specific circumstances, take the time to discuss your needs with a booth provider or two to get a better idea of which option would be better.


Reduce Storage Space Issues When Renting


Another issue facing owners of trade show booths is storing them between shows. Since the components can be quite bulky, storing a booth can quickly become a burden, especially if a business is already struggling to find enough space for equipment, supplies, and finished products.

There are other issues involved when storing a booth. Booths are easily damaged while in storage if proper protection is not available. If a booth is stored in a warehouse, it can be damaged by forklifts hitting them or other accidents.

Even booths kept in a dedicated storage area can be damaged by rodents, water, or other causes. When booths are rented, there is no need for the company to store it between shows.


Transporting Booths Takes Time, Effort


When a booth is owned, the company has to make arrangements to move it from place to place. That may not be a major issue if a show is located nearby, but the cost of moving even a relatively simple booth a long distance quickly becomes expensive.

That’s especially true if the booth has to be flown to arrive in time for a show. Of course, trucking would be less expensive, but the company must have significant advance notice of a show to make the proper shipping arrangements.

If a booth is rented, the company won’t need to worry about shipping it to the show venue, but it’s still important to plan well in advance to minimize shipping costs.

In many cases, a company can rent a trade show booth from a company that’s close to the show venue rather than having to ship the booth.

That’s a realistic option if the company doesn’t have a lot of specialized needs that increase the cost of putting together a package.

When a booth is rented from the same company numerous times, it’s easier to order specialized components when the rental company knows you’ll be using the components again in the future. That brings up another important consideration when renting a booth.


Make Sure the Rental Organization Offers the Options Neededunique experience


A larger company may already have the trade show booth options your organization needs to create an effective display. However, not all will.

Again, if a company renting trade show booths knows you’ll be needing the same components frequently, they might be willing to add those items to their inventory.

Rental companies also need to know well ahead of a show that you’ll be needing specific components. Otherwise, you may find they’ve already rented the display items you need to another client for the dates you need them. To avoid disappointments, always reserve the display items needed well in advance of an upcoming show.

In the event a specific component isn’t available, the rental service may be able to provide an acceptable substitute. However, that may increase the cost of the rental.

If spending a little more becomes necessary, that additional cost may well be worth it if the desired results are achieved. Remember, the important factor here is return on investment.



Accessories Make or Break an Exhibit


Far too many booths look just like hundreds of others at a trade show. Even companies that own their displays fail to customize the booths. Basic trade show booths are, in fact, pretty much the same, but it’s possible to customize a booth to differentiate it from everyone else.

Rental organizations offer a variety of options to help companies create unique, appealing booths show visitors will like and spend time at. There are a few options companies find especially attractive.

Workstations are increasingly popular as interactive displays continue to attract crowds at shows. The stations can be used by booth personnel or attendees and make it easy to demonstrate products or develop educational workshops.

Counters are used by many companies to showcase advertising materials and products. The counters can also be used to define spaces and create traffic flow, which makes it far easier for booth personnel to work with visitors.

Booths are another option companies use to provide visitors with information as they move through the exhibit. Since booths can be created to meet a specific user’s needs, they offer a great way to boost a company’s brand and enhance sales.

Of course, there are other options available, and rental companies encourage clients to ask for add-ons and accessories that will make a booth more effective.

Since it may take some time to create specific options, companies should always contact the booth provider well before a show so there’s plenty of time to obtain the needed items.


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Companies Change and So Do Their Display Booth Needs


Products a company produces, branding needs, and the demands of trade show visitors all evolve. That means booths will need to change.

If you own a booth, creating a new booth or modifying an existing one is expensive. If a booth is rented, the company using the booth doesn’t have to deal with making updates, the rental company does.

The trade show booth rental company is always updating their inventory to meet clients’ needs. If you have specific requirements, contacting the company well before a show will make it possible for the rental company to modify booths or create new ones to meet your needs.

Yes, there may be a cost involved, but that cost will generally be much lower than it would be if the booth was owned by the company.


Understanding Trends


Today, more companies are renting trade show booths than ever before. In less than a decade, the percentage of companies renting booths rather than owning has more than doubled.

There is no indication that trend is going to change anytime soon. So, what does that mean for companies exploring their options today?

Most importantly, it means the companies renting trade show booths are going to provide more options than in the past. Since competition in the trade show booth industry is fierce, it also means companies can expect to enjoy pricing structures that make renting practical.

It also means companies needing different types of trade show booths for different shows will have more options available than ever before.

In some instances, an exhibitor will need more space at one show than another. Renting makes it possible to make the best use of trade show floor space, as appropriately sized booths can be rented to meet the needs of specific shows.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, why not reach out to us now to find out how Trade Show Booth Rental will boost your bottom line? The representatives are poised to provide any information you may need and assist in developing a booth design that truly represents your brand.

Trade shows continue to provide excellent venues for introducing new products or services and explaining their advantages to show attendees. Make sure your trade show booth provides the perfect way to attract visitors and convince them your products will meet consumers’ needs.