Staging Your Trade Show Booth For Maximum Effectiveness


Planning for your next trade show includes a number of elements, and one of those elements is how your booth is going to be staged. You will need to take a careful look of your exhibits, graphics and images you are going to use, the specifics of the booth you have rented, and any set up you need to demonstrate your product or services.

Look Over Your Displays Before the Day of the Show

When you are getting ready to plan for a trade show, you will need to look over all of your displays. Check that the displays you are using will withstand the use they may get at the trade show, and make sure that the images and graphics you are using are going to make sense on the day of the trade show.

If you have to reprint your materials on the day of the show, this can lead to expenses that will destroy your budget. Set up displays, and make sure that they are exactly what you want for the show so you don’t need to make changes on the day of the event.

Set Up Your Booth for a Walk Through

While you don’t have to set up all of the furniture and walls for your trade show booth rental beforehand, it’s an important part of the staging process to map out everything that is going to be in your booth on the day of the event.

You will need to have the measurements for everything that is going to go in the booth and carefully map everything out on the floor. You are testing to see if everything will fit in your booth, and if display placements make sense. You will need to assess whether people attending the event will be able to review your information easily and that traffic will flow through your booth.

Figure Out Where Electrical and Air Lines are Going to Go

As you continue the staging process, where your electrical and air lines are going to go within your trade show display need to be mapped out as well. Using the map you have created of your displays, figure out where you will need electrical or air lines. Planning everything out ahead of time will make it much easier on you when the day of the trade show arrives.

Being prepared for the day of the trade show can help you make the most out of your trade show booth rental. When you have made all of the correct measurements, prepared your graphics, and know where you need electrical and air lines to go, you will be able to set up quickly for the show.

It can be very stressful to do a trade show, and when you have a plan in place you will be able to alleviate some of this stress. Spend the time necessary to plan carefully for your trade show and you will have an excellent display.