Techniques to Acquiring Customer Feedback at the Trade Show


Customers are the driving force of your businesses. They help businesses grow from small, to large, to multi-million dollar industries. Without customers, a business will cripple and fail and fade out of existence. So, it makes sense to keep in the loop with how your customers feel about your business, and that is exactly why customer feedback is important. Every business, from small to large, should invest an interest into their customers’ opinions.

When it comes to trade shows, customer feedback is equally important. This feedback, whether it is about your products, salespeople, or even your exhibition booth design, will help your business understand what elements of your show did and did not work.

Professional trade shows or other displaying events prospects provide a wealth of openings to encourage industries, your product, and your products and facilities. They are also a prodigious method to work together and involve one-on-one with contemporary and probable consumers. Visitors of trade shows have a sincere concentration in the facilities on demonstration.  Why else would they visit such a program? Use this chance to improve treasured deals indicate by efficiently advertising at these trade show events.

It not just supports increase your manufactured goods, but influences every single share of your trade. Be it advertising, deals, or consumer facility, consumer response or feedback benefits you comprehend what your consumers just identical and non-identical. Being nearby to your consumers will set you on a development course that you haven’t practiced before. But keep in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all method to expand your information from your consumers. Unlike some circumstances need altered approaches of accumulating consumer response. For instance, an analysis form sent to a previously discontented user will only make materials inferior; a phone call works healthier here.

You can then use that information to make your next trade show an even bigger success. We will go over six ironclad techniques to acquiring customer feedback at your next trade show.

Getting Started

Prior to asking for any feedback, you must first know what kind of feedback your business is interested in. Since the feedback will be related to your trade show event, you will likely want to ask questions regarding how your business performed. These could be opinions about your exhibition booth design and how people reacted to it.

If you were using a rental exhibit, for instance, you could gauge whether or not it was a good rental based on how people liked or disliked it. If it was a hit, you would then know it would be a good move to use that same rental exhibit again.


1: E-Mail Surveys

E-mail surveys are a tried and true form of customer feedback. Even the biggest names in the marketing industry use this form of feedback. It is easy to set up, quick, and efficient. A customer or lead can reply to the e-mail in only a few minutes.

To get this type of feedback, you need e-mail addresses. Many of your current customers have already given you their e-mail, either through orders or by registering on your website.

You can get your leads’ e-mail addresses when they sign on at your booth, or through promotional giveaways and discounts.


2Pen and Paper

Though it almost seems like an oddity in this technological era, the pen and paper are a classic and effective way of acquiring feedback. Have a flat area in your exhibition booth where there is enough room for your audience to stop and write.

You can use survey cards, which are paper cards with a few feedback-related questions, as well as a box to put them in. After the show, your sales team can go over these cards and collect the feedback.


3: Routine Phone Calls

In today’s world, practically everyone has a smartphone with them pretty much 24/7. This means your leads and customers are only a short phone call away, which means collecting some quick feedback over the phone can be nearly effortless.

The method of acquiring phone numbers is the same as with e-mail addresses. You can get them from leads visiting your rental exhibit, or through your website.


4: Text Message Feedback

Much like phone calls, all that is needed to send surveys to your leads and customers is their phone number. Many people would prefer this method of feedback over a phone call as it is faster, less personal, and just as easy to complete.

Your business simply sends the survey questions to the person’s smartphone and you get beneficial feedback.


5: Online Surveys

If your company has a website, or even if it does not, you make use of online surveys for feedback. The lead or customer simply visits a web page where they can leave their comments and opinions. Websites like SurveyMonkey allow you to host a survey that anyone can reply to.

While at the trade show, have the address to this online survey advertised as part of your trade show booth design. As people from the audience visit your rental exhibit, your salespeople can also give hem the address to this website before they go, or have it printed on business cards or pamphlets.