The Most Attractive Trade Show Give-away


Trade show give away have always been a source of great speculation and interest. As times are changing the nature of the gifts are also becoming more and more diverse. The thumb rule is to give gifts that tie in with your products or services.


Ensure that the gift is used by the visitor:

An overwhelming majority of the visitors say that they would keep the gift if it was useful, easy to transport and are unique. These gifts make an impact on the visitor. Brand visibility is ensured and the customer always has a brand loyalty.

Wallets for personal gadgets

The smart phone, the tab and the laptop are devices which are always close to hand. Think of mobile wallets, laptop skins and tab pouches with the brand logo discreetly printed on it. Search for unique designs and see the acceptance rate shoot up.

Microfiber Cloth

Again playing on this generation’s love of electronic devices, you can opt to gift a microfiber cloth that is a necessary item in a device cleaning kit. These are very useful items that most people forget to buy for personal use. Add a logo embossed vinyl carry pouch and you are ready to mingle.

Petite Loop Mobile Phone Accessory

There are innovative products available at PPAI, the trade show that sells promotional gifts. This is a small loop that fits into a slot in your smart phone cover and wraps round your wrist, leaving your hands free but your within reach.

Lip Balm is the age old favorite

Are you one of those people who always have lip balm handy in your bag or pocket? Chances are that you got it as a gift at a trade show! Trade show organizers have woken up to the fact that it is a good idea to gift an item that is small, useful and always at hand. It might be a tad expensive but facilitates great brand recall. It is a good idea to laminate the embossed brand name label.

Digital Reward Promotions work well

Reward codes are the best thing to happen to the trade show community. The digital rewards may include free music downloads, discount and coupon codes, eGift cards, eBook downloads, digital movie downloads and so much more. It is a low cost gift with a large perceived value. The gift is thoughtful and useful. You can print the name of your company on the card or put your logo on the material it contains.

The Stylus Pen

Merge the old with the new with stylus pens. Give people an interesting device to go with their smartphones and tabs and initiate brand recall.

Slim Multi Tool 15-in- 1 is a good option

The various functions of this multi-utility tool make it a favorite collectible for most people. The customized case is the best vehicle for brand visibility.

Power Banks are extremely popular

Convenient and uber useful, the power bank is one of the best promotional gifts today. It suits all budgets as the prices go from minimal to higher in accordance with the battery capacity. The company logo can be directly printed on to the power bank.

Gift your way into the heart of the attendee and remain in their mind till the next order!