Top Restaurants In San Francisco


The cultural and financial capital of California, San Francisco enjoys the reputation of being a wonderland of natural mist and glorious aura. Anyone who has travelled to this beautiful place of Golden Gate Bridge experiences a peculiar feeling that is both inviting and welcoming. It is often said that when you are in San Francisco, you get the benefits of a big city at a small place. People in San Francisco appreciate the diversity in food which is why you may find every restaurant imaginable in it. There is everything for everyone in San Francisco irrespective of their distinctive taste, ethnicity or cultural background. The energy is contagious and electrifying, so by evening you may not want to go home and invite over your folks to share a drink or take a bite at your favorite restaurant. There are few most popular and best restaurants in San Francisco that should be your ‘must visit places’ list.


Best Eatery joints in San Francisco


Kokkari Estiatorio is one of the most admired restaurant in San Francisco and because of its unique Greek cuisine, it is a favourite for adventurer foodies as well as romantic couples. It is often complimented as a restaurant serving food from Gods, thanks to its outstanding variety of flawlessly cooked Greek specialties. This restaurant has been a winner since many years and has a special place in the hearts of food lovers and people who prefer fine dining. Located at 200 Jackson Street, it serves one of the best Moussakas. Its baked feta should definitely not be missed out as well as ‘whole fish of the day’. The staff is exceptionally attentive to your needs and help you experience one of the best meals of your life in San Francisco.

Range, located at 842 Valencia street offers delicious American menu with excellent cocktails. Dinners swear by its seasonal ingredients that they use in some of the selected dishes. Their roasted chicken, halibut and duck breast are quite favorite for regular customers. It is a well established joint with outstanding service that comes with a reasonable pricing.

B.Patisserie is a famous café that offers European style pastries, the quality and taste is to die for. The icing is unique and a treat to your eyes while you drop in to grab a quick coffee in the morning. Go for a stroll with your kids and you won’t regret letting them eat the best chocolate-banana-almond croissant that is serves here. Situated at 2821 California street, B. Patisserie is an absolute delight for both adults and the young ones.

Planning to dine at a Japanese restaurant? Roka Akor can provide you the authentic taste of Japanese flavors straight from the streets of Tokyo. Located at 801 Montgomery street, Roko serves fresh and unique dishes from Japan and their specialty includes Butterfish tataki. Apart from fine dining at the upper floor, it has a bar and a lounge area on the lower floor. A paradise for Japanese food lovers, this place will leave you asking for more.

Il Parco is a new Italian-inspired café located in the Presidio near Tunnel Tops Park, offering stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a place where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner with options ranging from mascarpone toast and cheese boards to panini, pizza, and pasta. Guests can also savor beer and wine outdoors, making the most of the picturesque surroundings.

La Ciccia is situated at 291, 30th Street and is a popular joint for Italian cuisine. They serve the traditional Italian dishes along with one of the best labels of wines from Italy.

Dining in San Francisco is equal to exploration of different tastes and different cultures. It redefines culinary diversification and celebrates uniqueness of different cuisines in the most fascinating way. We hope our San Francisco guide was useful. If you are there on a business trip for a tradeshow, we can develop a custom trade show booth and guide you through the exhibiting process as well. Exponents has helped innumerable exhibitors get it right!