Trade Show Exhibitors: Discover the Art of Event Engagement to Attract More Attention


Since their inception, trade shows have grown in tremendous ways. The main goal of exhibitors is audience engagement. Without engagement, trade shows are worthless events. If you are not properly engaging the audience at trade show events, continue reading for some tips that will change the way you approach them.


Make Sure You are Attracting an Audience Before the Event


Event engagement begins well before a trade show starts. Trade show participants who are waiting to gain audience attention at the event are missing out on a grand opportunity to start the buzz before the doors even open.

A social media campaign is an ideal way to begin the process of event engagement. Starting a conversation about the event, the organizers, and the speakers can have a profound impact on your audience.

Social media is a fun and cost-effective means of gaining attention for trade show events. Having the right plan in place and taking strategic steps will make engagement much more effective.

  1. You must set goals. Is the goal to simply draw crowds to the booth or is a new product being launched? Considering the goals you have is essential for properly utilizing social media to meet them effectively.
  2. Follow the trade show association to learn more. Seeing what the association hosting the event is talking about is essential. Try incorporating some of the same hashtags and keywords to draw people to your posts. This step will help trade show exhibitors engage attendees and increase awareness about the event.
  3. Make your campaigns personalized using a personal URL. This URL is easy to set up and can make a big difference in audience engagement. Compel your audience before the event doors open and you have won half the battle.


Social media is a platform for getting your message across to a great expanse of people. Choosing the right platform to engage an audience is critical.

While there are many schools of thought on platform use, most trade show exhibitors are going to find Facebook and Twitter to be the platforms of choice. Focus on these two and concentrate your posts for the highest level of engagement.

It is essential the messages that are shared on social media platforms are consistent with your brand. Try to keep the messages as clean and informative as possible. Never, ever attempt to trash the competition, even if they deserve the condemnation.

If you plan on getting team members involved in tweeting and posting, make sure the number is limited. Just like too many cooks in the kitchen, too many tweeters can create chaos. Each team member needs to be focused on the same goal.

A sound mix of creativity, strategic planning, and even spontaneous fun can help in your goals towards event engagement. Now that you have a good idea of engagement before the event, it is time to make sure your booth shines.


How Quick Can You Gain Their Attention?


According to a study published by BBC, attention spans are on the decline. Experts blame high-speed Internet and instant access to information for the reduction in attention span. The average person has an attention span of fewer than ten seconds. What does this mean for trade show exhibitors?

If you are unable to engage your audience in lightning speed, they will walk right past and set their eyes on the next point of interest.

Check out the big exhibitors and see what their past trade booths have offered. Even for popular companies, name alone is not going to draw people in. Learn from the success and mistakes of others and you will be able to implement the right drawing points.

The display is everything when it comes to gaining audience attention. Your displays must be stellar and invoke strong excitement from trade show attendees. Digital signage and touchscreen displays are integral for the success of a trade show booth.

If you can entertain them, they will be engaged quickly. Trade show attendees are often inundated with boring displays that bring no excitement. A humorous edge can make a big difference in how your trade booth is perceived.

Quizzes, games, and trivia are an excellent way to engage your audience and help them learn about your company. You can even use these methods to showcase products that could not be brought to the event.

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, forget the usual coffee mug and pen fare. Give them something that stands out from the rest so they actually want to stand in line to get it. Think outside of the box and choose promotional items that are fun, exciting, and useful.

Never be afraid to use a creative stunt to garner interest. Boring displays, speeches, and products are not recommended. If you can create an imaginative stunt, people will be talking about your booth for years to come.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of trade show attendees. Walking around for hours and looking at the same meaningless displays can spell boredom. After hours of mindlessly wandering around, an engaging booth is refreshing and wakes them up.

If you can put yourself in the attendee’s shoes and consider what would excite you, the process of engagement will be easier. Do not be afraid to take risks, even if it ends in failure. Trade shows are all about experimentation and the knowledge gained can go a long way towards the eventual success of your company.


Engaging Video Displays Bring Trade Show Booths to Life


Most trade show exhibits feature extended speeches and product spiels that instantly cause attendee’s brains to check out. In general, most people do not like this type of approach. Not only are long spiels boring, but they are also not engaging.

A vivid video display can speak to an audience without you having to say a word. It is amazing to see a crowd gathered around a video display, eager to learn and hear more. For many, video displays are less intimidating and individuals do not feel they are being trapped into a sales pitch they cannot get out of when they choose.

If you are not using video displays in trade shows, now is the time to start. The right display will motivate your audience to stick around long enough for you to engage their interest and inform them. There is just something about an electric screen that draws the eyes and demands attention.

Trade shows that are not utilizing this form of media are missing out. To understand the draw of this type of media simply consider how many times you have found yourself mindlessly gazing at a television screen, even if the intention was not to watch.


Are You Implementing Digital Signage?


There are many tactics that can be used to engage a trade show audience and garner their attention. Usually, a mixture of methods is the safest bet. Digital signage offers many benefits that can help you with current and future trade show plans.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital signage is they can be used many times. The message displayed on these signs can be changed according to the event. Once you make the initial investment, these signs continue to offer payback for many months to come.

Aside from the design aspect, the biggest concern should be placement. Proper placement is essential for an eye-catching display. Trade booth exhibitors may mount these signs on poles or suspend them from the ceiling. The goal of these signs is to gain more attention than any other booth.

Be sure to include a call to action in your messages. Drum up excitement for events later in the day, such as product demonstrations or contests. There are endless calls to action that can be displayed, depending on the business and product being promoted. Giving them just enough information to intrigue them is essential.

The most important thing to remember is to change the content with each new show. It might be tempting to use the same signage messages when you notice success, but this is not advised. If you put forth the same stale display show after show, the audience is going to remember and it will hurt your branding in the long run.


5 Amazing Tips to Get Their Attention Right Away


The ever-evolving quest of trade booth exhibitors is to find new and exciting ways to succeed at event engagement. Engaging audience practices change with each new event so you must stay on your toes and one step ahead of the competition.

Try these five amazing tips and see how they help you to engage your audience time and time again.


Asking an opinion question is a sound method of getting their attention. Everyone has an opinion and most everyone loves to share theirs. Choosing the right question and listening to their answer will help you to know how to provide for their need.

Avoid using chairs for booth staffers. Imagine approaching a booth and the staff is sitting down, looking bored. Would you be interested in talking to them? If the answer is no, why would your visitors want to engage? Avoid using chairs and remain active at all times for the best results.

Hiring an entertainer is an innovative way to get mass attention. The entertainer should fit well with your brand and convey the right message to your audience. Short bursts of entertainment intervals can do wonders for your booth. The crowds that gather for each show can be converted into leads that will help your company grow.

Trade show booths are all about creating an immersive experience. The more senses that are engaged, the better the retention of branding. You should engage your audience with sites, smells, touch, sounds, and even taste. All of these should be approached using your brand and keeping the experience genuine and unforgettable.

Holding a competition is another means of getting their attention. Many trade show attendees love being able to show off in front of a crowd. You can choose to have visitors compete or pre-select competitors and let the audience decide who wins. No matter which approach is chosen, the result is full audience entertainment and engagement.

There are endless options for successfully engaging an audience so do not be afraid to experiment and find what works best. It may take time for you to be able to find the perfect fit, but do not give up.


Be Ready to Close Right at the Booth


Sales Lead

Once you have engaged the audience, a big mistake is waiting to close after the event. Your staff needs to be properly trained to know how to effectively close right at the booth. If your staff knows how to recognize a solid lead, they can be trained to take the steps to close the deal.

Closing the deal at the booth improves your lead to conversion rate for greater success. Because all of the pre-qualifying is done at the engagement point, the close is much faster and effective when everything is finalized right there.




Trade show attendance is an excellent way to engage your audience and improve branding. There is no better method of creating a buzz about new products and services. If you do them right, trade shows can create a lasting impression for your company.

Most people get tired of faceless interactions and being able to talk with your audience in a personable way is essential. Face-to-face communications are more likely to be remembered than a simple advertisement that discusses a new product or service.

If you truly want to engage an audience at trade show events, try incorporating some of the ideas above. Taking a concerted effort and working towards creating amazingly interactive trade show displays will help with branding and increase the excitement revolving around your business.

A trade show event is coming to a town near you. Do not miss this opportunity to put new and innovative ideas into engaging your audience. Success is waiting so reach out and grab it.