Using the right pre-show marketing strategies for your trade show

Marketing yourself ahead of your trade show is crucial to getting the attention of your target audience. Your audience is not going to merely stop by your booth because they are passing by. What you can do instead is to take a look at different preshow marketing tactics that you can use so that you narrow down the right leads to maximize your conversion rate at the conference.

Why pre-trade show marketing strategies are required

Merely building an attractive exhibition booth is not the only thing that you should be focusing on ahead of the exhibition. What is more important is to use the right marketing strategies ahead of the show. Here are the reasons why these marketing strategies are important:

  • The management of the show cannot be relied upon to attract all visitors to the booth. It is only good for getting a lot of leads to visit your booth, but they cannot all be expected to stop by the booth.
  • Purchasers plan out their booth strategy in advance. Purchasers usually make a note of all the information that they have about booths ahead of show so that they can plan their day. That is why you need to put out information out there so that they have it well ahead of the conference.
  • Increase your attraction efficiency. By using pre show marketing strategies, you can boost the quality of the leads that stop by your booth. Therefore, you need a preshow marketing technique so that more people who will invest in your product will stop by.

How to organize a pre show marketing strategy

Make sure you attract the right crowd to your booth and not just the whole crowd. Here are two main ways in which you can do that:

  • Use targeted communications: Use communications that go out only to qualified leads. You can use the registered attendee list for this so that you make sure that only the high profile crowd will attend your booth.
  • Send communications to your own customers first: Your customers should be invited as well. This means that they can adjust their plans so that they make it to the event. It will reestablish your relationship with them, as well.

Other approaches to keep in mind

You can use the registered attendee list to target the right leads to your trade show booth:

  • Send a postcard to your registered attendees. There may not be a way for you to isolate a part of  the registered attendees from the rest, so what you can do is to send out a blanket postcard to the entire attendee list.This should have a subject line that talks about what your booth is about so that people can take a look at it only if it is relevant to them. Timing is everything for this postcard. Make sure that it is sent before people make flight plans for the conference.
  • Send a follow up email. The email should contain all the details about your booth and should include links to your website and any social pages.

Use the right marketing strategies ahead of the show to attract the crowd.