Getting Into the Mind of Your Shopper at the Conference


Conferences are places where you can connect with your audience so that your brand presence grows. To do this, you need to get insight into what it is your customer is really looking for. You can learn more about the science of shopping so that you know just what to do to highlight your brand at the next conference.

  • Position yourself at the correct location: Most shoppers at a conference pay little attention to signs that are strewn about the place. So investing in huge, colorful displays is not as important as making sure that you are at the right location within the conference hall. The spot right inside the door isn’t best for the work, either. What you need to do is to place yourself at a suitable interval of stores within the conference facility so that visitors would want to stop by. Make sure that at this spot your booth looks inviting enough for them to want to take a look.


  • Use comfortable seating: The most inviting part about a booth is their comfortable furniture. It should be your priority in a suitable sized trade show booth to provide at least one chair that visitors can use to rest. Visitors are ever grateful for this sort of sensitivity shown by exhibitors. If it means taking out components of your booth just to accommodate for the right seating, our recommendation would be to choose the seating.


  • Go right: Most people are right handed, which means that they choose to go right when they enter a store or an exhibition booth. Therefore, try to find a booth location that is to the right of the entrance, making it the first place people look when they enter the convention center. You can also place all of the items in your booth that need attention to the right of the booth so that people go there first.


  • Stimulate people’s senses: Rather than merely overwhelming a person’s sense of sight, make your booth experience a multi sensory experience that stimulates different senses. Giving a person a hands on experience of your product will make them want to test it out, and also help them remember it for when they need to make a purchase.


  • The human element: In the end, it is the human interaction that is available at the booth that makes the big difference. The reason why conventions are held is to provide that element, allowing people to see faces behind the name. Make sure that your booth staffers are well equipped to be gentle and firm in the way they speak about your brand. The right interaction can really make a good impression with the crowd.