Your Trade Show Booth RFPs Need These 5 Things To Get Approved

When you are creating your Request for Proposal (RFP) to design your tradeshow booth, your proposal needs to contain certain elements in order to be approved. You will need to provide information to your designers without overwhelming them, describe in detail any new products that you have created, and you will need to be clear about what your goals are for the trade show booth. As you write your RFP, you have to keep each of these thoughts in mind as you go through the process.

Provide Enough Information to Your Designers

You will need to supply your designers with enough information about your business without being overwhelming, and this can be difficult to accomplish. Supply your company name, contact information, and what you believe is your competitive advantage. Write down details about the products you want to showcase, and create an order of importance for your products from the top down. Talk about any achievements your company has reached without getting into too much detail. Be clear where you are as an industry leader or an up and coming business to watch out for, and indicate the brand message you want people to hear when visiting your booth.

Highlight New Products

If you have a new product to showcase, highlight the product in the second paragraph of your RFP. When you are rebranding and it’s close to the time of the show, indicate this in your RFP as well. If you’ve reached a particular milestone or you are making changes to your logo, let your design team know in this section of your RFP. When you have achievements that you want noted in your overall booth design, the second paragraph is where you talk about these achievements.

Be Clear About Your Goals

Your design team will need to know what worked for you at the last trade show, and what aspects of your booth didn’t work. If you need special electrical equipment, write about that in this section. Indicate how much space you will need within your trade show booth and discuss whether you will be having a live demonstrator within the booth. Let your design team know what you expect to do in the tradeshow booth during the show, so that they can plan your booth accordingly.

The History of Your Company

In section four of your RFP, you will talk about where your company has been and goals for the future, including any trade shows you have been a part of. Discuss how many trade shows you attended, and how many you expect to attend in the future. Give your designers a clear picture as to what you plan to do with your trade show booth in the future.

Outlining Your Budget

Let your designers know the budget you have to create your trade show booth, clearly indicating how much can be spent on booth purchase, content creation, shipping and promotional costs. Your booth design team will know what parameters to work within when you establish a solid budget outline.