Your Trade Show Booth Isn’t the Only Promotional Tool at the Show


While your trade show booth is an important promotional tool for trade shows, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s your only one. Start thinking outside the box to maximize your results at every show. Use the follow tips to promote your company in ways that go beyond your booth.

Show Off Your Expertise

Let people know you’re an expert by getting involved as a speaker or panelist in educational sessions or seminars that take place during the show. Usually it won’t cost you anything more to get involved in this way, and when you present topics in your area of expertise, you show yourself as an expert and thought leader in your industry. This also allows you to reach multiple individuals at once, and it has the potential to bring in highly qualified leads. Since the call for speakers generally is sent out far in advance of shows, make sure you check the deadlines and get involved if possible.

Start Doing Some Writing

You’re an expert, so start writing about what you know to further promote yourself at trade shows. Submit white papers or abstracts to publications in your industry. Take the time to check the publication media calendar, which will allow you to time your piece to be published in issues that will be distributed at the show to increase your exposure.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media is a powerful promotional tool, and it can be used to promote your company at trade shows. Make sure you promote using social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can offer live updates throughout the show on these platforms. When you want professional attention, head to LinkedIn for the best results, and Twitter is also a great social media platform to use when you’re promoting your company at an event. You can even take it a step further and have a company app create for the show or related to your company that can be tied into your presentation.

Increase Visibility with Sponsorship

When you want to increase your visibility at a show that goes beyond your booth, consider using sponsorship’s. You’ll make an investment, but it can be great to get your company seen at the show’s fringe events, such as coffee breaks or hospitality parties. Before making the investment in sponsorship, make sure you find out about the extent of visibility you’ll enjoy, such as the prominence of logos, the number of signs you can have displayed, and other essential details.

Company promotion goes far beyond just your booth when you’re working at a trade show. Make sure you use multiple ways to promote your company, network with potential leads, and show off your expertise to make the most of your time spent at each show.

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