Creating Engaging Trade Show Booth Displays

Conceiving the ideal trade show booth is a herculean task. Thanks to the rapid advances in technology, exhibitors are now able to construct cutting-edge displays with mind-boggling visuals and other enticing embellishments.

This has also led to intense competition. To achieve success, it’s important to nail every aspect of your booth. Thankfully, you can rely on Exponents to turn your trade show dreams into reality.

We are known for blending our extensive expertise with creativity to deliver perfect solutions for your trade show booth displays.

Why Choose Exponents as Your Trade Show Displays?


In order to seamlessly incorporate all these creative ideas into your display, you will need a little expert help. Irrespective of whether you’ve participated in trade shows before or not, at Exponents, we can help you achieve your trade show goals with our wide range of services, which includes:


Our experienced consultants are always willing to assist you. They will understand your needs and offer appropriate advice.

Project Management

An experienced project manager will handle your trade show booth assignment to ensure the successful completion of all the tasks.

Booth Construction

You select your desired booth size, and we will construct it to perfection using only quality materials.

Graphic Production

Our adept artists will create captivating graphics that will be printed using the latest tech to meet our quality requirements.


We’ll take care of shipping your booth to the venue and installing it correctly well before the show.

On-site Supervision

One of our teams will be present at the venue to look into any last-minute fixes that your booth requires.

Here is some of our latest work!

From small linear booths to large island booths, we do it all!


20x30 Trade Show Booth AT NADA Show 2024, Las Vegas


10x20 Custom Trade Show Booth AT CES show 2024, Las Vegas


40x40 Trade Show Booth AT Intersolar North America Show 2024, San Diego

EV Produce

20x20 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT IFPA's The Global Produce & Floral show 2023, Anaheim


20x30 Trade Show Display AT IAAPA 2023, Orlando

Meeting IQM

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Super Computers 2023, Denver

Some of our happy clients!

Creating an Engaging Booth

A good trade show booth will not only help showcase your offerings in the best possible light but also assist in grabbing the attention of the audience. Your display will also speak volumes about your business.

It’s a statement about your company and its products. That’s why it’s so important that you put forth your best image at the event. Always remember that your display is a communication tool that can help attract a sizeable number of visitors. So, it’s important that your booth portrays your company in a positive light.

An engaging display is the best weapon in your arsenal at any trade show. Here are some interesting trade show booth ideas from the experts at Exponents.

Organize a contest

It’s natural for trade show attendees to find contests intriguing. After all, the prizes and the joy of accomplishment at the end makes it all worthwhile.

If you manage to incorporate an interesting quiz during your trade show appearance, then people will surely line-up. Make sure to recognize the winners and reward them with items that they might use regularly.

For example, you can giveaway coffee mugs with your company’s logo on it. Whenever customers use them in the future, they will be reminded of your brand. Always remember that your prizes and free gifts can be utilized ingeniously as a marketing tool.

Make room for seating space

Attending a trade show can be extremely tiresome for both exhibitors and attendees. Visitors are inundated with a lot of information and this often leads to mental exhaustion. Additionally, walking through the expansive trade show venue can be physically demanding.

If you include a rest area in your trade show booth, then you can expect a number of individuals to take advantage of this facility. Members from the audience will surely appreciate such a gesture and form a positive impression of your brand.

Try visual marketing

The main purpose of your display’s visuals is to seize the attention of the audience. How you present your brand at the trade show will determine the final outcome.

Anything that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes is bound to have a positive impact on the onlookers. That’s why it’s important that you prioritize visuals over text. A powerful graphic with a single line of copy is ideal.

Remember to utilize your brand colors to the fullest extent. Think from the customer’s perspective and try to gauge what they might find attractive.

Give out free samples

There’s nothing that people like more than a freebie that makes their life easier. If you’re entire marketing campaign revolves around how you can make your customer’s life better, then why not give them a quick taste of what you have in store for them?

When you hand out samples, attendees have the opportunity to try your product first-hand, before deciding whether or not they want to engage in a business relationship with you.

Set up a charging station

We’re sure you agree when we say that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We rely on these devices to accomplish a number of tasks and activities conveniently.

Many trade show visitors don’t have their phone chargers with them. Take advantage of this fact and set up charging stations in your trade show booth displays.

Create a space where attendees can charge their phones and unwind at the same time. While they’re resting, you can engage them in a casual chat and introduce yourself.

Stand out with great uniforms

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer business casuals or branded shirts; your team uniform should be pleasing to the eyes. Make sure that you opt for your brand colors and print your organization’s logo on the clothing.

Ensure that the company’s symbol is big and readable from a distance. Always remember that a well-dressed team is bound to appear professional.


Make lead capturing less invasive

If you have exhibited before, you might have noticed that a number of individuals walk through the venue with their name tag flipped. This is because they don’t want to be unnecessarily disturbed by exhibitors.

By hiding the front portion of the card, it becomes hard for exhibiting companies to discern whether a person is a potential customer or a business rival, making it difficult to strike a conversation with them.

In these cases, using scanners to capture data might not work. Scanners are also looked at as invasive at a massive breach of privacy. Instead, find creative ways to capture leads. Try placing a bowl right outside your stand with a clear call to action.

Host a photo booth

In today’s digital world, there’s nothing that people like more than clicking picture-perfect snaps for their social media pages. You can capitalize on this by creating a photo-worthy display and encouraging people to click a picture.

You could also set up a photo booth with interesting props and a whacky background. Once people click their coveted picture, ask them to share it on social media and tag your brand. You’ll soon find that your online audience has grown exponentially.