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If you are searching for the best trade show booth ideas and the latest in trade show booth design engineering, Exponents is everything that you are looking for. Explore a new world of the latest and most contemporary creative trade show booth ideas to augment the exposure, awareness, and appeal of your brand on the floor of the trade show.

With more than 30 years of collaborative excellence in offering the latest trade show booth ideas for more than 18000 brands across 50 major trade show destinations in the United States of America, we are one of the leading trade show booth designers in the country.

Apart from getting you inspired by novel convention booth ideas, we offer you single-point access to the greatest team of trade show booth designers, design consultants, and brand graphics and content experts.

Powered by in-depth research and development, our people bring proven competencies of design thinking, aesthetics, commercial art and design engineering to enable your marketing team to translate your requirements of brand communication, consumer learning, economy and brand differentiation into a great trade show booth idea.

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From 2000 sqft custom rental booth to 200 sqft modular rental booth, we do it all!

Why choose Exponents for trade show booth ideas?

World’s leading brands rely on Exponents to scale their trade show marketing success and get a completely hassle-free experience of participating in trade shows and conventions.

Trade show marketers entrust us with the job of fulfilling their custom trade show requirements because of the following reasons:

  • Pre-build Promise

    Before we ship your trade show booth we pre-build it at our manufacturing facility and share with you its pictures and video for you know that we have made your booth just as you wanted.

  • Fixed and Pre-Committed Prices

    We simply follow a transparent and fixed price approach. We quote you the price and that’s what you– there are no hidden costs, no incidental charges and no post-show bills!

  • Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

    At Exponents, we offer you the most unique and creative trade show booth ideas based on the latest research and innovation in design thinking. Our highly customizable booth design ideas are based on your brand value proposition and business philosophy and reflect your key brand differentiators.

  • In-house Booth Manufacturing and Graphic Production

    We have in-house manufacturing and printing units in San Diego and Orlando. We leverage our best-in-class manufacturing and printing capabilities to add dimension to the visual appeal of your booth.

  • All-inclusive service

    With us being there you don’t have to worry about anything related to your trade show booth, be it installation or dismantling, be it logistics or on-site supervision, we make ourselves available throughout your trade show journey.

  • Vast Range of Modular Designs

    We offer your brand a vast range of more than 700 modular trade show booth ideas to choose from. Each modular trade show booth is a product of our collaborative excellence and experience of more than 30 years.

We learn about your brand and provide you with the best convention booth ideas.


At Exponents, our agile design methodology allows our consulting and design teams to collaborate with you in the design phase of your trade show participation project.

We engage with you to learn about your trade show project, brand particulars, budget, lead time and brand philosophy. We seek inputs from your marketing executives to understand your project requirements.

Our team of trade show booth designers learn about the scope of work of your project and define the parameters of trade show booth design to meet your requirements. The design team walks you through our range of pre-built trade show booth ideas and elaborate on the features, functionality and performance of each of these.

We seek your inputs on design prototypes that offer the best possible solution to your requirements. Our designers engage with your marketing team to enable you to visualize the design that we offer and then recommend improvisations to zero down the gap with your expectations.

We at Exponents research into industry best practices of trade show booth design idea to explore means to comply with industry standards while projecting the unique selling proposition of your brand through a unique and custom trade show booth.

How our uniqueness helps you?

Of all trade show booth builders in the United States of America, we at Exponents are the only ones to offer you fixed price trade show booth designs. We offer you pre-committed prices on our full range of trade show booth designs. For any trade show booth design idea that you choose we disclose the price and the corresponding features, functionality, and graphical visualization of your booth.

Our fixed and pre-committed prices of trade show booth ideas allow your marketing executives to fully understand the complete value proposition of the booth design that you choose. Our fixed price designs are aimed at resolving the following challenges:

Alignment of Design with Brand: Our designers offer you trade show booth designs that align with your brand philosophy. Our graphic visualization of your trade show booth idea dispels all your doubts and answers all your queries.

Financial Planning: Our pre-committed prices allow your marketing team to regulate your budget and stay in control of the dollar spending on your custom trade show booth design. We negate the risks of add-on billing and project cost overshooting.

We truly differ from other trade show booth builders

All industry contemporaries that offer similar products and services with comparable similarities in their value propositions pose a risk. Risks emanate from the fact that brands hailing from the same product group find it challenging to position them differently and are unable to project their respective unique selling propositions. This has the effect of splitting the communities of visitors on the floor of the trade show and thus inequitably distributing the flow of traffic across trade show booths of different brands.

At Exponents, we take cognizance of your requirements of making full use of the space allotted to you at the trade show center, the strategic location of your booth on the floor, attracting the attention of the visitors in the shortest window of time, creating a strong visual impact on the minds of visitors and further facilitating a seamless inflow, interaction and outflow of visitors from your trade show booth.

How are our trade show booth ideas different from other trade show booth builders

Our stand out convention booth idea competence allows your brand to stay ahead of the pack of competitors with a unique look and visual sensory messaging to steal the attention of visitors in the shortest window of time.

Our creative trade show booth ideas are aimed at lending a distinct identity to your trade show booth that resonates with the unique selling proposition of your brand.

With creative trade show booth ideas from the design team at Exponents, you can negate risks of brand cloning, inter-brand competition, and sustain the strength of your unique selling proposition amidst the simultaneous efforts of competing brands to invoke the attention, interest and desire of visitors.

At Exponents, we are on a mission to zero down the gap with your requirements of the best trade show booth design. To this extent, we offer you modular, semi-custom, and fully customized trade show booth designs.

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