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When: November 10-13, 2024   Where: Phoenix, Arizona

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20x30 Trade Show Exhibit AT Apartmentalize Show 2024, Philadelphia, PA


20x30 Trade Show Booth Rental AT Rapid + TCT Show 2024, Los Angeles, CA


30x30 Trade Show Booth AT InfoComm Show 2024, Las Vegas, NV

Ace Shushi

20x20 Trade Show Booth Rental AT IDDBA Show 2024, Houston, Texas

ANX Robotics

20x20 Trade Show Booth Design AT DDW Show 2024, Washington


30x80 Trade Show Booth AT NPE Show 2024, Orlando, FL


20x20 Exhibit Booth Rental AT RSA Show 2024, San Francisco, CA

KP Aviation

20x40 Trade Show Exhibit Rental AT MRO Americas Show 2024, Chicago, IL

Prime Robotics

30x50 Trade Show Exhibit AT Modex Show 2024, Atlanta, GA

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15th American Conference On Pharmacometrics

The American Conference on Pharmacometrics scheduled to be held from November 10-13, 2024 at Phoenix meets this year with the theme of “modeling without bounds.” The conference and marketplace event opens windows of opportunities for healthcare and pharmacology professionals to engage in tutorials, student-trainee, and vendor-sponsored events, networking and poster sessions that are aimed at distributing and sharing feature rich content on the latest developments in the industry, cutting edge technology and best practices in the domain of pharmacology. ACOP9, this year’s edition of the American Conference on Pharmacometrics is an initiative of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISOP). With an august gathering of the country’s best known clinical researchers, top pharmaceutical professionals, corporate executives, and exhibitor brands, the event promises to deliver rich learning, discussion and dialogue and demonstration experiences for professional growth and brand building.

Exponents Extend Trade Show Project Marketing Support To Exhibitors

With its award-winning suite of state of the art trade show booth designs, in-house booth manufacturing technology and dedicated staff team for complete on ground support services at the trade shoe event site, Exponents extends its trade show project marketing expertise to exhibitors at the ACOP. Constructed using an indigenous trade show booth manufacturing technology, the custom designed trade show booth rentals can be integrated with immersive technology add-on components to convey exhibitor brand excellence to visitors at a glance to register high gross impressions, generate brand awareness and create high brand recall after the trade show and beyond. Exponents also offer complete on ground support services to exhibitors during all stages of trade show booth installation, onsite supervision, dismantling, and drayage.

Reinvent Marketing Communication With Exponents Unique Trade Show Rental Booth 

Add a new dimension to brand marketing communication at trade show events with customized trade show booth designs from Exponents that reflect a brand image, personality, and specialization to the target audience in the smallest window of time. Make a long-lasting and positive impact on visitors by deploying high precision brand graphic imprinted trade show booth rentals to depict brand features, performance, and functionality in short sprints of visual engagements. Make economic use of the allotted space for the booth by deploying trade show booth rentals at Arizona to drive memorable visual sensory experiences. Hire a dedicated team for support on deployment to drayage.

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