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When: November 19–22, 2024   Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas

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Custom Turnkey Tradeshow Booth Rental at DEMA Show 2024

The DEMA Show is the only trade show in the world that focuses on businesses involved in underwater diving. So, if your business falls into this category, you can meet kindred spirits at the DEMA show. This event would be hosted at Las Vegas from November 19–22, 2024. The DEMA show is a fast-growing trade show. Attendees come from 81 countries all over the world. In addition, about 1 in 4 attendees come from outside the USA. The DEMA show also witnesses a new membership rate of 24%. So, wherever you might be from, the DEMA Show 2024 is open for you.

As an exhibitor, you need to show your brand-new innovation to scuba divers. Being equipped with the best gear in the market is useless if nobody tries them out. This is why you need a good booth that would attract the right people and give your brand a voice. You can get a quality custom-designed booth from us at Exponents. We have been in the business of designing booths for quite a while and we know what needs to be done.

Trade Show booth Rentals at the DEMA Show 2024: Get into the spotlight

If using a custom-designed booth doesn’t strike a chord with you, you can make use of a custom tradeshow rental booth. Our rental booths are previous booths that would be remodeled to fit your brand image and messaging. The upside to this is that it costs a fraction of the price for a custom-designed booth. This is the right option if you feel your business isn’t ready for a big investment.

Get into the spotlight at the DEMA Show 2024 by using a custom trade show rental booth in Las Vegas.