10 Tips To Make Attractive And Inexpensive Booth


Suppose you are someone who is planning to participate in a trade show, then this a good news for you! According to studies, an average trade show attendee spends approximately 8 hours viewing a trade show booth at a single event. It’s enough time for you to engage with your visitors. Present your product and service to your audience and collect the information that is necessary for you to turn them into your customer.

But first, before converting your potential lead into your customer, you must attract them to your booth. We understand it’s a hassle to stand out in the crowd of big flashy booths. That’s why Exponents is here to help you out.

An ideal booth for your business should be striking and inviting and not necessarily expensive. You can successfully pull up a great show at affordable prices and in innovative ways. If you are searching for how to make an attractive booth, here are ten tips to ensure you get the best at the trade show while not worrying too much about expenses.

  • Focus on Your Work and Not Just Your Creative Skills

Your booth’s décor should always sync with your products or services so that the passersby are compelled to notice your effects and be impressed by the inviting aura. The interiors should, however, never be overpowering your products. You would want the customers to remember your company and products, not just the fancy outlet.

  • Proper Planning and Execution is Essential
  1. You may plan the exact venue or placement of the booth at the trade show. Ensure that the booth is perfectly established where your products are reachable for customers to touch and admire. Some exhibitors chose to place the kiosk in the middle and invite customers to roam around and take notice. Remember, the motive here is to attract the attendees. They will gather around, inspect, and may go ahead to buy your products.
  2. A countertop or a tall cafe table is functional for filling forms or writing orders. If there is a shortage of space, clipboards are an excellent alternative. Proper planning and execution will ensure success at the trade show.
  • Uncomplicated, Efficient and Reusable

Be precise in selecting the booth design; if your offering is rustic, choose a plan that best compliments its features. Similarly, if your product is all about beauty and grace, go for an elegant design.

You are paying for ‘space,’ and you have to be cautious about the dimension when you order a booth. A standard package includes pipe and drape (two for a corner, three sides for an inline, and one as an ‘end-cap’). It is your responsibility to make the settlements of every piece of equipment in a chaos-free, comfortable, effective, and reusable way.

  • Display the Products at Eye Level

At a trade show, you have limited time to impress the attendees. A mere 2-3 seconds is enough to invite the customers and engage in a lucrative conversation. Make sure to place your products at eye level to enable them to take notice and inquire. You can put the products on the floor only when dealing with floor lamps, carpets, or any other related products.


  • Light is Important

Here’s what an unattractive booth looks like:

  1. Mediocre design
  2. low lighting
  3. unpleasant and untrained booth staff
  4. confusing brand message
  5. chaotic booth environment

Lighting plays a crucial role in the presentation, and it illuminates the place in no time. Be sure to carry extra bulbs and extension cords and avoid any mishaps at the venue. Remember that a sound lighting system will help you sell your products well.

  • Banner: Be Informative and Straightforward

A uniquely designed signage will ensure booth traffic, and that is your motive at the trade show. The crowd who is not yet acquainted with your business must be well informed and allured enough to gather at your booth. An ideal banner should have your logo and the product’s image in large format. Moreover, it is essential to note that one should not depend on the ordered booth to garner attention. It will carry the business name, logo, and booth number, but custom-made signage would create the difference. So be creative and give reasonable consideration to neon designs. Keep it straightforward.

  • The Drapes: Fabrics for decor

A good choice when you don’t want to spend too much on décor and still use an element to create an inviting space. Make sure to carry a travel iron to avoid any wrinkles at the last moment. It is also imperative to inspect a swatch in color wash-off or fabrics comprising flame retardant chemicals. Ensure that materials do not absorb or reflect too much light. Most of the fabrics used at the booth are synthetic. Make sure to carry a swatch to show it to the fire marshal if they want to examine it.

  • Portable Booths are the Best Choice
  1. Order a robust booth system that can stand against time and other odds at the trade show. If you are a regular at the exhibit shows, you must never compromise on the quality of the booth system. When you Install and dismantle it several times, it will create a nerve-wracking situation for you with its wear and tear.
  2. Go for display cubes that can transform into shipping units; this is an intelligent, time-tested option that saves time and money.
  3. Do not waste your time setting up your booth at the last minute by shopping for ‘finishing elements.’ Some exhibitors carry only the main components and buy fancy display items from the local market. This might reduce the shipping weight but kill your setup time, leaving you with absolutely no time to plan and execute the marketing scheme.
  4. One smart move in the planning should be to request your auto insurance provider to add an event-specific rider to the insurance policy. The trade show is a place that has some real work of setup and breaks-down happening. Be double-sure to get prep pared for any misfortunate incident.



  • Do it Yourself First

You should recheck it one last time and assemble it yourself. Reread the instructions laid down by the trade show authority and what things have been permitted or non-permitted. Check in your booth like a visitor and figure out what expectations a customer might have from your business. If you are a jewelry vendor, bring a mirror to acknowledge the need.

  • Be Attentive and Provide Comfort

The visitors at the trade show have to walk a lot, and you should be intelligent and attentive to provide your customers a welcome feel when they visit your portal. It will be wonderful to add fresh flowers to offer them, refreshment drinks, or a soft carpet to rest their tiring feet on.

To conclude, 

  1. Be innovative, creative, and yet play smart.
  2. Remember to highlight your business, not designing skills, and choose designing elements for your trade show booth at a reasonable price.
  3. Pay attention to little details and provide a memorable experience to your visitors who might become your future customers or ambassadors of your products.


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