3 Disruptive Innovation Technologies that can Reshape Trade Show Marketing



There is a huge shift in trade show business today. Modern trade shows are nowhere near what they were, a couple of decades back. Technology in our daily life is deeply interactive, so should it be in a trade show.

Technologies determine the rate of success in a trade show and a few disruptive technologies have the ability to change the face of your brand at any trade show.

Making the most of a trade show program involves keeping a close tab on the latest technologies and trends.

The disruptive technologies that can actually reshape the trade show events booth have arrived. Have a look at few of them:


#1. Augmented Reality:


AR has truly been a game changer in trade shows. What it does is blending what the users see in their actual surroundings with a computer generated one.

The images and the content that is generated add to the information of the real surroundings, in one way or the other.

The outcome is an engrossing and memorable user experience that traditional demos would never have generated.

With AR, one can demonstrate the product in terms of real-time, real size and real environment. The product can be turned, moved, zoomed in, and manipulated to display all of its intricate details. Once the

AR is activated on a headset or mobile phone, an interactive 3D image of the product would show up in front of them.

Some AR systems utilize a camera or a display screen to recreate the nearby surroundings to enable the user look at the objects via a headset.

These trade show display ideas are so advanced that, for example, customers can choose a pair of shoes from the catalog, direct the phone towards their feet and it appears as if they were wearing the shoe.

QR codes, custom filters of SnapChat, etc. can be used that can be accessed by a tablet or mobile phone devices. The aim of a trade show is to keep the visitors engaged, immersed and excited, which is what AR exactly achieves.

Though, just creating AR content is not enough. It should relate with the average visitor and their needs.


#2. Transparent Screens:


If you want to bring in an absolutely mindboggling experience to the booth, transparent screens are the solution. This touch screen technology transforms the tradeshow displays into engaging and interactive experiences.

With a transparent screen, an overlay can be created where any extra information about the product is displayed in front of it, unlike earlier where additional information was placed on a monitor that was kept adjacent to the product on display.

With the product clearly seen and protected but the case being able to communicate with you, you can gain much more information that you need, right then and there.

All types of media can be displayed on the touch screen – animations, photos, text and graphics, in any order that suits your business needs.

For example, if there is a medical device on exhibit, the interface can provide animations of the device, success rate figures and graphs, manufacturing specifications sheets, etc.

Two things need to be taken care of – the quality of the type of media that goes into the experience and the usability of the UI (user interface), how simple it is to use.

The use of augmented reality provides unmatched experiences by combining digital things with the real environment.

AR helps customers to retain what they view at the trade shows. It creates a trade show displays that the visitors would love to talk about with their friends and family.

It provides a marketing experience of the superlative degree and helps in generating leads with ease, in a non-intrusive fashion.


#3. Real World Data and Analytics:


Big data analytics, as a disruptive technology, has spared none of the industries. From the medical sciences to the automobile industry, each industry has undergone a wave of change owing to analytics.

Trade show owners can take advantage of sensors powered by IoT to achieve a full picture and details about how the visitors interact with the products on display.

Unobtrusive sensors are used for collection of data and thereby generating reports.

This helps you in acquiring an exact report of the number of visitors to a particular booth, the time they spend at each booth and the way they communicate and converse with the brand as a whole.

This data is highly valuable since it aids you in taking better decisions in the future by optimizing all the necessary features.

If you are aiming for sponsors and vendors, you need to get accurate traffic counts and good foot traffic. For example, smart mats can measure traffic in any size area.

Other features that can be tracked with these mats are:

  • Occupancy
  • Waiting time
  • Traffic flow
  • Obstruction areas

Heat maps can track individual smartphones apart from revealing tracking interests and the time spent at each booth.

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