3 Things to Remember When Designing an Exhibition Booth


Trade shows aren’t simply a place where you can show off. It’s a place where you’re surrounding by competition, engaged in a tug of war for a limited number of clients. Presenting at an exhibition is not simply a place for you to introduce yourself to the market; it is to achieve a deeper goal.

These exhibitions are platforms that you use to change the dynamics of your industry. With a well placed and well-designed booth, you can turn around your business altogether.

An experienced business owner can tell the purpose a trade show can achieve for them. It is in these settings that you size yourself against any competition, drive home your dominance and superiority compared to the rest of your industry.

These events are the best places to figure out industry dynamics and determine your place in the dynamics. And there is only one way to achieve any of these insights and purposes; by observing how customers interact and react to the marketing strategies everyone in the room has deployed.

Irrespective of what existing marketing conditions are, your end goal should always be to improve on your existing client bases and gain the upper hand when it comes to market shares.

Doing this in front of your peers will allow you a degree of control over their actions and creates the potential for strategic advantages across all your business activities.

As you increase the effectiveness of your marketing tactics at these exhibitions, you’ll automatically find that you not only achieve your commercial goals but set the grounds for future commercial success.

To develop the grounds for this strategic superiority, you must create brilliant booth designs as these are the main avenues of correspondence with your customers. For maximum effect and efficacy, these are the 3 considerations that should direct your exhibition booth designs:


Effective Placement


A good location for your booth takes into account the location of the entrance, where the attendees’ line of sight goes, the lighting around your booth and many other factors that will determine booth visibility.

Before you begin to design your booth, you must first get a thorough understanding of where it lies relative to all other booths.

Depending on where your booth is located, you can then decide how to design the most effective exhibition booth for your business.

For example, you might need to create vibrant color schemes or platforms that make your speakers more noticeable if you are in a position that is not easily spotted.

If you are located near the entrance, you will have to see if you show up directly near the visitor’s line of sight. If you are easily noticeable, then you can focus on your services more than you need to focus on creating eye-catching designs. You need to use your location to your advantage.


Interactive Screens


What really convinces customers at trade shows is whether you have the proper expertise to deliver top-notch services and products. The only way to convince them of your abilities is to use effective presentation mechanisms that make your point abundantly clear.

Although a large part of presentation effectiveness depends on who is giving these presentations, having interactive mediums of information dissemination are a great way of presenting your organization to potential clients.

Interactive screens that respond to touch-enabled customers to recall your services and organization far more quickly.

Having interacted directly with your props, they will be imprinted with an impression created by the interaction.

Similarly, you can use these to create effective presentations that help drive your marketing goals to successful completion.


Welcoming Designs


When you design a booth, you need to ensure that it is easily accessible. There are multiple considerations that determine whether a booth is accessible; it could mean wide entrances, warm color schemes, comfortable furniture or someone who can welcome the prospective client.

Letting your customers know that you are willing to listen and engage is a great way to earn their trust and respect.

As most of your competitors are simply engaged in making a sale, through an encouraging and welcoming booth design you can attract more clients simply by showing them that you care.

Once they start coming to you, you can begin pitching your ideas and business to them.

These very basic considerations set the grounds for how useful and fruitful your trade show exhibitions will go. If you create a booth that is welcoming, engaging and noticeable to your clientele, there is no denying that you will generate enough business leads to strike fear into your competition.

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