Exhibition Booth Designs and Customer Interactions


Trade show booths are the primary means of interacting with your customers at any business expo you attend. Since all interactions take place within the radius of the booth, the booth design has a significant impact on how those interactions take place.

Are you giving a presentation? Do you have an interactive design? Are you trying to initiate conversations in cozy settings? Your approach is going to determine your designs and your designs will determine how effective your approach is.

For this reason, it is important to appreciate the booth designs as a determinant of the success of your promotional campaigns.  When you have a great booth, customers will keep on flocking and you will be able to generate multiple business leads at the trade show.

When figuring out how to make a great booth, you need to understand that it supplements you approach customers to make or break your deals.


What Are The Elements Of a Great Booth?

For your booth to be approachable and for your customers to come away from it feeling satisfied you need the following elements:


1.Maximum Visibility

For your potential clients to approach you, you’ll need to create a booth that is noticeable. For your booth to be visible, you’ll need to exploit lighting, colors and the location of your stands.

When deciding on your booth designs you must always consider what the advantages of your position are.

Conduct a preliminary assessment of how everyone else is positioned, relative to you, and then create designs that will exploit your position to the fullest.  Maybe you use vibrant colors that stand out in dim lighting, perhaps you can make your presenters more noticeable, so on and so forth.


2. Greater Accessibility

Once your booth begins to get attention from potential business leads, you have to consider how accessible your booth is. The key here is to offer customers a beeline to your booth.

Accessibility takes into account not only how easily the clients can come to you, but how effectively you can get their attention.

It depends on how you as a business owner want to go with your exhibition strategy, sometimes people go with a completely open booth to make sure as many people as possible come in, at others, they close out to keep a sense of exclusivity and curiosity alive.


3. Interaction Tools

As a marketing tool, your booth must be well capable of driving your organizational services and identity home to your customers.

Implementing interactive functionalities will give you customer direct access to your services and your organizational message.

Having videos playing, using touchscreens to make presentations or just letting your customers explore each has their own merits— merits that you should seriously consider in your booth design.


The Don’ts of Booth Design

Just as there are ways to ensure your success at a trade show, there are also ways in which you compromise the efficacy of your marketing strategy.

The following are the ways that will destroy your capacity to improve customer relations and improve your client base:


1. Overwhelming your Customers

Being vibrant and noticeable is always a desirable trait in your exhibition booth, but it is easy to overdo it. The purpose of your booth is to draw attention to your services and your organizations.

Overloading customers with too much information being displayed everywhere can be distracting. A booth is a sales funnel that drives customers to buy your products.

Do not give them too many reasons to pay attention to the elements around them, when their attentions are to be focused on you and your presentations.


2. Conversations are Not Always the key

Although a face to face interaction with your clients is key to marketing success, it is not the only thing that you need to engage your customers in.

Many fail to realize that ultimately your service takes precedence over your booth designs and improving recall.

When designing a booth, make sure that you include references to your services and products that you can point out.

Creating a booth that facilitates conversation and brand exposure is the key to improving brand recall.


3. Sometimes Simplicity is Best

Elegance and simplicity exude confidence that your customers will like. When you begin to overload your booth with excessive functionalities and features, the overall effect can be a little gaudy. Not only does it become confusing to visit your booth, but it also makes your booth unattractive.

Make sure that your booths have just the right amount of fancy gadgets and seats/platforms that make it a comfortable place to have an informed conversation.

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