Five Critical Elements Often Undervalued in Trade Show Booth Design

As all trade show veterans know, there are many components to a successful showing. From planning to installation to dismantling- it’s your responsibility to meet your goals and develop a booth design that will synergize with your brand messaging in a way that brings in valuable new contacts.

Whether you develop it yourself or outsource your I&D, there are 5 critical areas that are too often overlooked. Rarely forgotten, these five elements are usually undervalued and under-designed- often to the detriment of the exhibit.


Stylized Flooring 

Trade Show exhibit flooring is easily the most undervalued area in any booth. Most booth designers opt for black, white, blue, or gray carpet.

This is because they don’t realize the messaging value of the flooring and opt for the cheapest kind available. The psychological value of the flooring is subtle but great. Your flooring symbolizes the support and strengthen- the foundation of your brand. You want your flooring to exude stability, strength, and confidence.


High Effect Lighting 

Lighting isn’t just there to make sure you can read pamphlets. Lighting sets the mood. Invariably, the mood of your exhibit should have an element of exuberance to it.

If you manufacture high-quality counter tops, install track lighting to enhance your marble surfaces. If you represent a bar or nightclub, use lasers. Every brand has its own personality. Your lighting should showcase that while adding plenty of flare.


High Visibility, High-Resolution Graphics 

Like your lighting, your graphics and text aren’t just there to impart information. They are there to reinforce an idea- and to do it in a manner that exudes value, competence, and quality. Graphics are the first thing people notice consciously, and they can make or break an exhibit. Attempting to cut costs here will inevitably cut into your ROI.

You want large, sharp graphics that function as a beacon broadcasting your brand message to everyone who sees them. Attractive, high-resolution graphics catch the eye from across the hall and extend your reach.


Impactful Custom Product Displays 

Far too many exhibitors rely on stock shelving and ordinary counter tops to display products. This misses a powerful opportunity to indicate the power and originality of your product.

In the same way, your flooring symbolically represents the creative power of your company, the display shelf represents the ability of the product to create value around it.

By investing in striking custom shelving and unique counter tops that catch the eye, you are sending the subliminal message that your product pays for itself, and imparts value to its surroundings- that the product itself is an engine of growth.


Multimedia Interactivity 

Let’s face it, most people are programmed from birth to reflexively interact with electronic media devices. The more interactivity you can incorporate into your exhibit, the more engaged potential contacts are likely to feel while in your booth. It can work from afar, and up close.

Interactivity gives those who maybe aren’t quite ready to communicate with a presenter the chance to experience your brand message in a way that doesn’t disrupt their bubble prematurely. It also gives you the ability to keep several people engaged even if you’re directing your attention to one particular individual. Most importantly, it entertains.