Attendees Keep Passing My Booth. How Can I Reel Them In


Attendees Keep Passing My Booth. How Can I Reel Them In :-  If you’ve been spending weeks preparing for the most important trade show in your industry, it’s frustrating to watch waves of attendees pass by your booth without giving it a second glance. After all, you believe in the efficacy of your product or service, and you know that if you could only draw them in you’d be able to confidently prove to them why your solution can help meet their needs. If you’re ready to make an impact at your next trade show, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to your display booth.

Take advantage of digital displays and new technology

New advancements in audio/visual displays have created remarkable new possibilities for trade show booth creativity, and the best part is you don’t have to bust your budget to incorporate innovative technological solutions. People are drawn in by technology, so find a way to present engaging content through interactive methods such as tablets. It will help to entice attendees to your display even if your business isn’t technology-focused. 

Design your booth to engage your prospects

Just as in traditional sales it’s important to narrow down your list of prospects to qualified leads who are likely to buy your product, your trade show booth should be set up to engage directly with the attendees you are specifically looking to target. For example, if your ideal buyers are forward-thinking tech companies, you may want to focus your design on contemporary, bold aesthetic elements, or if you’re targeting budget-conscious manufacturing firms, make sure that relevant product information is front and center in your booth.

Show people a demo they can’t afford to miss

If you’re representing a product or service that can be demonstrated in a unique and engaging way, then don’t hesitate to get out in front of the crowd and give them a reason to stop at your booth. Even if people think they aren’t immediately interested, getting them to pay attention to your demo gives you an opportunity to present them with more detail about your value proposition, which may spur them to take a closer look. 

Give them a preview through social media

Even of your product doesn’t lend itself well to a public demonstration, you can still use the power of social media to give attendees an idea of what awaits them if they stop by your trade show display. Use event hashtags or geolocation to connect with others at the show and spread the word about your booth.

Present a unique and memorable custom trade show booth

Exponents can help you custom trade show display that will put eyes on your product and represent your brand with distinction. Whether you’re looking for a customized booth that is built for a specific show, creative graphic production, audio-visual displays, installation and dismantling, or more, the innovative solutions provided by Exponents will ensure that you don’t leave your next trade show empty-handed.