5 Simple Ways to Find Unique And Simple Trade Show Display Ideas

Unique And Simple Trade Show Display Ideas

If you’re preparing to design a new trade shows display or simply looking for ideas to put some finishing touches on an existing exhibit, do not worry. Keep an open mind and do a little research as you can get information from trusted resources.

Remember that the basic rules of creative trade show display design also apply to trade show displays. Modern and unique color combinations with structural finishes which include fabric, wood, metal, paper, composite, recyclables etc, as well as graphic fonts, audio/sound, tech accessories, and interactive components will all combine to make your booth outstanding.

  • Take note of daily experiences that catch your attention. You might draw inspiration from different places, even the least expected. Some of the easiest places to get unique trade show display ideas are all around you, make notes of eye catching lighting techniques, wood finishes, styles, components, fabrics, and furniture. These could be in apartments, hotels, restaurants, and anywhere in between.
  • Lookout for fashion and home goods retailers in the malls and city streets. No matter your location, go out and hunt for ideas from retailers who are always updated on current trends and display their products in elaborate ways at different locations. The mall is also a good place to find bonus inspirations.
  • Do a research on event industry websites for award winning design as well as trending design news and case studies. Various top industry websites and magazines recognize top exhibit designs and offer insight on the current trends in exhibition design.
  • Gather insight from reputable exhibit designers and services providers. The top exhibit builders and designers are always on the front line of trade show exhibits Sometimes, they share design and tech trends from current shows and those they’re trying to integrate into their own displays. You can get ideas from them.
  • Make use of online and social channels to poll industry experts and attendees. Make use of different tactics to find out which trade shows exhibit design elements industry leaders and your target audience are interested in.


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