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Browse through our portfolio of over 600 trade show booth design ideas based on your budget and booth size for inspiration. From Fortune 500 companies to startups, Exponents has transformed thousands of brands into engaging experiences with our all-inclusive custom booths. 


At Exponents, we take cognizance of the challenges facing your trade show marketing executives and the investment of budget, resources, efforts and time to accomplish your objectives of participating in the trade show.

We understand that your marketing team has to project your brand value proposition, product offerings and a unique selling proposition to the target audience.

Our trade show consulting team offers authentic and innovative trade show display ideas and intuitive insights to allow your marketing team to build traffic, showcase product and service offerings, add life to product demonstrations and build a dialogue with visitors.

Our team of ace designers offers you unique and innovative trade show exhibit design ideas to add dimension to your brand communication, announce your brand presence on the floor of the trade show and invoke the attention and interest of visitors in your brand.

Driven by research into the latest and the best industry trends in modern trade show display design ideas, our design team shares intuitive insights on means to lend a competitive edge to your trade show displays, reduce costs, maximize the usage of the allotted space and secure the highest possible gross impressions from visitors.

We also share our experience and expertise to allow your marketing team to make guided choices on trade show displays of the right dimensions for your brand, align your brand philosophy with the brand graphics and content and enhance the effectiveness of visual sensory to strengthen the brand memory of visitors.

15'X20' Custom Rental Booth for Google at NIPS, Long Beach
Mercedes- Benz Energy


What kind of trade show display designs suit your brand? At Exponents, we offer you a world of possibilities. We offer you the best modular trade show display designs. You get to choose from a vast range of more than 500 pre-built trade show display ideas according to your brand value proposition and budget.

You may wish to integrate add-on features to our modular trade show display designs. Our designers offer you trade show display design ideas to close the gap with your requirements and add dimension to your brand with extra functionalities, features and value addition.

Further, you may wish to explore a custom trade show display for your brand that is conceptualized and engineered on authentic design principles, aesthetics and brand art. We design you a custom trade show display idea to cater to all your requirements and conceptualize an original and fully customized design.


Are you searching for the innovative trade show display ideas to expand your brand outreach at your next event? At Exponents, we offer you comprehensive services of consulting, design, manufacturing, and delivery of high-quality trade show displays.

With a portfolio of more than 18000 collaborations with the world’s leading brands for more than 30 years across 50 major trade show destinations in the United States of America, we are one of the leading custom trade show display designers and builders.

At Exponents, your marketing team can find high quality and budgeted solutions to all your requirements for a smooth and seamless experience of participating in a trade show. Beyond, touch points of design, manufacturing, and delivery of your trade show displays, we offer you dedicated project management across all phases of your trade show project.

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At Exponents, we know that it takes more than a great trade show display idea to accomplish your objectives from participating in the trade show to accurately communicate your value proposition and offerings to visitors in the shortest window of time. To this extent, we offer you end to end support across all stages of design, manufacturing, and delivery of your trade show displays.

We assign a dedicated project manager to engage with your marketing team, learn about your brand’s requirements and recommend you a roadmap to navigate you to your goals. Our project manager is your one-stop access to the most productive, cost-effective and on-time solutions to all your requirements for your trade show.

Our team of ace trade show display designers offers you more than 500 pre-built trade show display designs, each of these being based on our original research and cutting-edge trade show booth design. We offer you the latest and most contemporary booth design to showcase the unique elements of your brand to the visitors. From the choice of the dimensions of your trade show exhibit design, layout planning, compartmentalization of your booth into segments for product demos, presentations and sprint meetings to the color coding of the brand graphics, we do it all.

We also offer you the most amazing insights on reducing costs of renting discrete exhibition booth design for events across your marketing calendar. We also offer consulting to your marketing team to enhance productivity, multi-tasking, and visitor engagements by reducing your resource and time engagements for trade show display management functions like installation, on-site supervision, and dismantling.

At Exponents, we understand the underlying competitive landscape of a trade show and what it takes to win at trade shows. We share our experience, expertise, and exposure with your marketing team to resolve challenges in your path and not just compete, but get the winning edge on the floor of the trade show.

We understand that your brand is pooled with industry contemporaries hailing from the same product group on the floor of the trade show. Your marketing team has a two-fold challenge of conforming to industry standards, best practices and emerging trends of trade show participation in your industry vertical and of lending expression to the unique selling proposition and the key product differentiators of your brand.

Our trade show display design ideas aim to integrate the best of both the worlds by catering to your requirements of fulfilling the industry standards on one hand and aligning your trade show display design with your brand differentiators.

We understand the importance of getting access to the most preferred strategic locations for your trade show display design idea at the trade show center to get the competitive edge over industry contemporaries. Our consulting team collaborates with you on filling up complex forms for registering your participation in the trade show and thus allows you to get access to a strategically advantageous location for your trade show displays.

We also take cognizance of the vitality of brand graphics and content in boosting your brand communication efforts and expanding your outreach among diverse communities of professionals attending the trade show. To this extent, our consulting and design teams offer trade show booth design ideas on design, color coding, lighting and brand graphics and content to amplify your brand’s presence.

At Exponents, we bridge the gap with your marketing team through our dedicated project management capabilities and process discipline to offer assured quality and on-time delivery of services of design, build and delivery of your trade show displays.

In the design phase of your trade show project, we engage with your marketing executives to empower you with vital information and insights on the visualization of prototypes of designs that you choose. We walk you through every detail of the functionality, features, and performance of your trade show display designs.

In the manufacturing phase of your trade show project, we engage with you to comply with your desired timelines for on-time delivery of your trade show displays. You stay updated on the work in progress and receive insights on the workflow we adopt for your project.

In the delivery phase of your project, we zero down the gap with your marketing team to reduce your resource and time engagements. We offer you the most productive trade show display ideas for on-site management to relieve you of non-core functions. We allow you to hire a staff team from Exponents for the installation, on-site supervision and dismantling of your custom trade show display.

Of all trade show display designers and builders in the United States of America, we at Exponents are the only ones to offer you fixed and pre-committed prices on our full range of trade show display designs. Our fixed and pre-committed prices are aimed at allowing your marketing team to approach the trade show with a budget in sight and make fully informed choices on the scope of work, trade show display design idea and the project costs.

With our open and transparent pricing we offer you marketing team the following benefits:

  • Cost Control: We are your partners for your trade show project and recommend the most innovative means to reduce the costs of trade show display rentals, stay in control of your project finances and dollar spending.
  • Financial Planning: Our open and transparent pricing allows your marketing team to budget for the trade show and negates risks of add-on billing and hidden costs that may otherwise lead to project costs overshooting the budget.
  • Value Proposition: With Exponents, what you see is what you get and what you pay. We offer a value proposition commensurate with the price of the trade show display design that you choose and deliver the precise functionality and features committed to you.