How to Stand Out with Your 20×20 Trade Show Booth Rental?


The number of businesses choosing to exhibit at trade shows is constantly rising. This isn’t surprising given that trade shows provide brands the perfect avenue to market their brand and showcase their unique offerings. But, as we are sure you already know, pulling off a successful run at a trade show is certainly not easy and requires careful planning.

The fact that the competition at these events is fierce only complicates matters further. That being said, the rewards associated with doing things right are manifold. In order to catapult your business to new heights, it’s important that you set up the perfect 20×20 trade show booth.

It’ll help you stand out from the crowd and provide you with an edge over your competition. If you’re looking for ways to impress the attendees, here are some ingenious tips for your 20×20 booth rental.


Start Your Planning Early


Benjamin Franklin famously said, “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Ideally, you should start planning for upcoming trade shows at least a year in advance. This way, you have more than enough time to accommodate any last-minute changes or deal with any unforeseen issues in the lead up to the event. Starting your preparations early will also allow you fine-tune your trade show goals and your plan of action to accomplish them.


Create an Inviting Space


In order to accomplish your goals, you need to ensure that your booth is open and inviting. This means that you have to optimize every corner of your 20×20 trade show booth and utilize the space available to the fullest extent.

Instead of trying to pack your space full of furniture, products, and meeting spaces, ensure that you leave enough open space for attendees to navigate through your booth with ease. Additionally, too many stimuli may overwhelm visitors, so try and keep your display clean and clear.

But visuals aren’t all you need to pay attention to. By ensuring that you have comfortable seating and a nice lounge area where visitors can relax and enjoy refreshments, you’re making your booth all the more attractive to weary attendees who have been on their feet all day. Thoughtful touches like using scented candles or aroma oils in your booth could also make your booth appear comfortable and inviting to people passing by.


Make Your Booth Visible


Common sense would dictate that your 20×20 trade show booth should be aesthetically pleasing. Employing rich imagery would go a long way in promoting your brand. If you can, check how your competitors will be embellishing their kiosks before the event. Then, try to outthink them by coming up with some bigger and better ideas. Many exhibitors are choosing extra-tall displays that are visible from a distance.

Designing your exhibit in a quirky way would surely intrigue the audience. Once you arouse their sense of wonder, they would most likely visit your stall to check things out. Hanging overhead displays is another ingenious idea for driving traffic toward your booth. You could also think about employing some unconventional objects like a custom wrapped bike or car to capture people’s attention. Of course, the items that you choose to display should be relevant to your brand.


Have the Best Giveaway Game


Providing generic giveaways like pens and mugs is certainly not recommended by experts. In fact, giving away such items could do your plans more harm than good. Keep in mind, free gifts are meant to entice customers and not repel them.

People often get tired and hungry while roaming the venue. So, providing simple refreshments like bottled water and muffins could do the trick. The audience will be impressed by such a gesture and will form a positive impression of your brand in their minds.

You could also consider treating your stall visitors with fruits bowls – a healthier option as compared to sugary treats like cookies and muffins. We are not implying that you only provide fruits. Instead, pamper them with different choices and cater to the needs of different personalities. Personalized gifts, although slightly costly, are definitely sure to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

In today’s digital world, setting up a charging station at your booth is almost always guaranteed to drive traffic toward your stall. Given that it will take a few moments for a visitor’s phone to charge, you can use this time wisely to pitch your services to the waiting attendees.


Set Up an Interactive Kiosk


There’s absolutely nothing better than giving your trade show customers a chance to experience your brand’s offerings first-hand. We can further explain this with the help of a few examples. A brand that deals in massage chairs are likely to convert a large number of customers if they allow visitors to their booth to enjoy a quick, 15-minute massage in the chair.

In a similar vein, a brand that deals in power tools might enjoy better success if they invite potential clients to use their saws or drills at the event, allowing them to understand just how much value the products could add to their lives.

While these ideas work well for brands that offer products, it doesn’t always make sense for organizations that provide services. Of course, this doesn’t mean that service-providers can’t ensure that their booths are interactive. Organizing quizzes or games is one way in which brands can interact directly with the attendees. If you opt to do this, you must remember to recognize and reward the winners of the games. Facilitating a positive environment for the audience is sure to result in lucrative outcomes.


Provide Exclusive Trade Show Deals


You can be assured that all trade show attendees are serious buyers and are looking for your kind of products. Since most trade shows are industry-specific, you don’t have to worry about casual window shoppers strolling through the venue. On the downside, most of your business competitors will also be present at the event and vying for the crowd’s attention.

So, it makes complete sense to entice customers with discounted rates under such circumstances. That being said, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by sweetening the deal only for the customers. Instead, try to create a win-win situation. Providing large discounts on old stocks or providing voucher codes on the next purchase are great ways to do this.


Use Screens to your Advantage


A great way to give visitors information about your brand is by playing presentations or short video clips on TV screens or giant tablets installed in and around your booth. By playing eye-catching demos on a loop, you’re sure to capture every visitor’s attention and get them interested in your brand and its offerings.


Create a Buzz on Social Media


Social media platforms are an indispensable tool for advertising almost anything and everything. Sending invites has never been easier. You could reach out to thousands of potential attendees with just a few clicks. Use the internet to your advantage and announce your participation with great zest. Providing digital maps of the venue and pointing out your kiosk location on it is a great way of familiarizing the audience with your brand. You can also use your social media pages to let people know what they can expect at the show.


Use the Power of Positivity


Creative, positive messages that add a touch of humor to your overall trade show appearance are sure to leave a lasting impact on your visitors. A light joke or smart wordplay during your interaction with a potential client will definitely strike a chord with them and keep them interested in what you have to say.


Know Your Competitors


In his book The Art of War, the great Chinese general, Sun Tzu, said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” It’s important that you do your own research and gauge what your competitors will be bringing to the trade show table. Are they employing any special technology? What are their strategies?

Are they organizing any contests? Why have certain companies been successful in the past? Finding answers to all these questions will provide you with major insights and will allow you to come up with an effective strategy to beat your competitors.


Rent Your Trade Show Booth


If you’re new to the trade show circuit and are still trying to find your footing, it’s a good idea to consider using 20×20 trade show booth rentals instead of purchasing your booth. This way, you can lean on the expertise of the trade show rental company and try a few designs and displays before you find what works best for you and your brand. Additionally, the right rental partner will also help you with shipping your booth to the venue and installing it correctly for you.


With these handy tips, you will be well on your way to creating an exhibit that will definitely have a competitive edge over your competitors. Happy exhibiting!