Eco-Sensitive Trade Show Booth Design Tips


Exhibition booth design needs to be bold and stand out, but it also needs to be smart enough to win over your customers. The customers for your display are tuned in to these things, and research shows that the preference is for brands who display ecological responsibilities. Here are some examples of companies who went the right way in terms of sustainability.


A lot of businesses are going green

  • Staples Advantage is the Canadian branch of the office supply store. Its Fifty Green program helped cut down on small orders within a small timeframe, encouraging customers to combine their orders. Combined orders have a charge attached to it, 50% of which are sent to an organization that plants trees. This allows customers to save on fuel costs and make them realize how ecologically sensitive they can be.


  • Amazon uses smart packaging that assesses the exact size of the order so that there are no materials wasted in the packaging. They also use packaging materials that are made up of recycled content so that they are environmentally friendly.


  • Lego uses a lot of plastic in their products, but are constantly assessing ways in which they can be ecologically responsible. This includes a tie up with WWF, the environment fund, and investments in green technology like wind power.


  • Procter & Gamble is a huge conglomerate but even they are doing their bit for the environment. Their zero waste status allows them to reuse and recycle all the materials that come out of their factories, so that nothing goes to a landfill. This helps them environmentally, and it also helps them make extra revenue when they use these products to make other products.


Here’s how you can go green


These may seem like high investment moves, and are justifiable for companies of their size. A smaller sized company needs to figure out other ways in which they can save the environment so that they can make smart decisions that attract customers.

  • One way you can go green is to use less paper in your display. Cut down on printed materials and go for digital messaging. If you do plan to use paper, make sure that is made out of recycled materials so that there is less of an environmental impact.


  • Use reusable materials for giveaways. If you have old flex displays from previous conferences that you do not plan to use in future, you can reuse them for giveaways so that your visitors notice just how environmentally responsible you are. You can make bags out of the flex display and add a tag to them stating that they are friendly to the environment.