How to Crack the Right Trade Show Booth Design?


Here are some tips to rescue:

Mental blockage is quite common when you are in a profession where you have to constantly develop new innovative schemes and designs to impress the customers.

If you are an exhibitor, the pressure is even more. You not only have to showcase your products in the most inimitable way but also have to demonstrate the matchless class of your business through a gorgeous looking booth.

Quite often, even the most experienced exhibitors run out of fresh ideas. For a debutant, it’s a grueling session to design an impressively looking kiosk that well defines the attributes of his business.

Here are few tips that can help you break that obstruction in your mind.

  1. It has been observed that the trade show booths that comprises the most ground-breaking design are the ones inviting huge traffic. Trigger your mind by noting down all the ideas that comes to your mind regarding an ideal booth. No matter how crazy they sound, the first step is to register those ideas once they start flowing.
  2. One great idea is to look back and observe the design of your previous booth design. What special quality it had? What was its shortcoming? Write them down and then analyze these points. You can design a new cubicle by working on the previous one’s shortcomings and how you would improve its functioning.
  3. Why not observe your competitor or the one whose booth design was the most popular one at a previous trade show that you attended. Now, that’s a great way of inspiration.
  4. Work out with the basic design, then follow any of the guidelines provided. Gradually few sketches would enable you to develop a new design that may very well fit into your expectation zone.
  5. One really interesting way would be to observe plays, movies or theatre. These artist come up with breathtakingly beautiful designs every time. These will kick-start your creative instinct and would push you forward to sketch and produce a fresh design.
  6. Take a stroll to a nearby market, a mall and try to incorporate new ideas that you may develop in to your new project. There is always innumerable options for inspiration, you just need to focus on a few objects or elements that can boost the artistic capabilities in you.
  7. It’s always better to consult a professional artist whose mind is always flooded with inventive and original ideas. You can jot down these ideas and think about an unbeatable concept that could materialize into a stunningly aisle at the trade show.
  8. Flip through magazines and websites, Google images can be helpful too. Remember you are just taking inspiration. Do not copy a design, keep exclusivity to your business identity.

These eight ideas may inspire you to work on your next booth at the trade show. Mental blockage is just a concept and can seldom stop a winner to accomplish his dream endeavor. So gear up and get going.