Top Convention Centers in New York


Occasionally it is necessary to organize events that require confidential places to hold your meetings, events, and functions for your organization. Sometimes you need to meet with company executives and stakeholders to discuss important issues related to your corporation or business. If you need to hold such a function in a place with privacy, there are many ideal places in New York City. It has been a hub for executive meetings because of the many convention centers that hold trade shows, conventions, and there are a host of hotels nearby that are ready for events and visitors to the city. When such a need arises, here are a few of the hotels with event centers in New York that you should consider.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York

The Pierre is a famous convention center and a luxurious hotel located on the upper East side of Manhattan. It offers multipurpose boardrooms and meeting spaces for corporate events that include meetings for small businesses and large corporations to organize successful conferences. The Pierre was built by outstanding designers and offers exclusive services to individuals complemented with the comfort and welcoming European community. The hotel offers every service required to organize a great event from conference rooms, with video conferencing ability, a business center, and has easy access to the main airport. There are also VIP Services, concierge services and internet access to event areas. The famous Central Park is located on the opposite of the Pierre where your guests can relax and get some fresh air during the breaks.

The Benjamin

This hotel is another major event attraction recognized for its elegance and provides a classic convention center for any event. It is located in the heart of the city with an elegant mix of art and culture. It was initially designed as a residential-style hotel but later redesigned by interior designer Lauren Rottet and restyled in partnership with a sleep expert. This was completed to bolster the suburban glamour and create an ambiance of comfortable composure. The Benjamin offers luxurious amenities and facilities such as business center, video conference abilities, concierge Services, internet access, and offers an extended stay. The National Bar & dining rooms are excellent features and the hotel is near freeway access for connecting you to the hotel entry points from the airports.

The Roosevelt Hotel

The Roosevelt Hotel is another favorite hotel that is regarded as a convention center. It is located at heart of midtown New York City at Madison & 45th Street. The Roosevelt Hotel has a reflection of historic design restored and marvelous ambience that captivates every visitor’s desire. The hotel has extensive and flexible meeting places that are perfect for small businesses to large corporate meetings of up to 800 people. The hotel is suited with the most appropriate accommodations and facilities that combine classic styles that match modern society. The Roosevelt Hotel amenities include: a business center, video conference ability, concierge services, internet access, VIP services, security, extended stay, onsite catering and many more amenities.


Trade Show Booth Solutions in New York


Being a city full of life, any local and international business conference would naturally want to be held here. Trade shows and events of all types take place all throughout the city. This raises the need to hire a quality booth rental company that can be used for this purpose. You won’t experience any trouble as you can rent a booth from an experienced company like Exponents.

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