Engage Your Audience With That Wow Factor at Your Virtual Events


The recent pandemic has led to the rise of online manifestation, and businesses both small and large are keeping up with the latest trend. While traditionally preferred sources of business like fundraiser activity, workshops, tradeshows, and conferences meant the amalgamation of people on a personal level it has now changed and gone virtual.

And if you are working from home and are accustomed to zoom calls or skype etc. you know how boring it can get at one point and you lose interest. The same applies to your virtual trade show booth exhibit, virtual conference, or virtual events and exhibit. And to do away with this monotony here are 4 ways how to engage your audience with that wow factor at your next virtual event:


1. Keep it interesting:

Virtual events or exhibits can get boring after a point in time. The monotonous presentation and no interaction between the organizers and audience adds to the boredom factor. So, now the real question is, how do we overcome this and add in the wow factor? One way out is by keeping it interesting!

Try playing a game with your audience or organize a fun quiz or shoot a few questions here and there. This way the audience gets a chance to interact with the organizers on a one-to-one level and hence contributing to a successful virtual exhibit.


2. Go beyond the regular matrix:

Go beyond the regular matrix and experiment with your virtual trade show booth exhibit. Opt for a virtual exhibit that is new and trending or the one that has the latest in-built technology. Add in features that will draw attention and keep the audience engaged.

Opt for bright and playful colors, have a spin the wheel around, etc. Apart from all of these, for a virtual trade show exhibit to be successful in real terms, one has to focus on a few checklists. Number one being, the industry one is catering to, second their audience base, third if it’s a B2B or a B2C segment.


3. Invite guest speakers:

When a single person initiates a presentation, it is often taken over by the next few. The main motive of such an act being, the interest of the audience is intact. A lot of time when presentations are only done by one person it becomes monotonous both for the audience and the speaker, hence look for a way out. You could start by having more than one speaker.

And the next time you hold a virtual conference try inviting a few keynote speakers to the virtual event too. The keynote speakers could be famous industry leaders or industry experts wherein they can impart the latest happenings or the latest trend and technology that is prevalent in the industry as knowledge sharing sessions to the attendees. These speakers can make a guest appearance at the virtual conference and share industry update.


4. Engage better by going live or hosting in-session live polls:

For any live event, engagement is key. If one master the art of creative engagement there is no looking back. One of the most trending ways, these days followed by many to engage better is either by going live on the various social media handles or by hosting an in-session live poll.

The above activities not only help one understand how many people are present at the live session but also helps to gauge the willing participation level too. The more the number of participants the better the reach.

We hope this article helps you add the wow factor at your next virtual event and you have a successful virtual exhibit.