Streamline Your Trade Show Booth Installation, Dismantle And Logistics


When good preparation meets opportunity that’s what people call success. Nothing wastes your limited resources more than the realization that the time and money you put into your trade show booth was not worth it, because you encountered a roadblock when transporting, or during I&D.

So right path towards a smooth I&D and transport for your trade show booth begins with preparation. A good booth setup after all is crucial for stand success. Here are our tips on how you can make the process smoother for you.


Pick a modular booth system

The best booth systems offer a high degree of modularity. This means that their parts are easy to interchange, they are designed to be quickly set up and dismantled. To help you visualize imagine a modular trade show booth as a LEGO kit.  You can easily combine different parts of these LEGO bricks to create your booth design, with minimal tools or expertise.


Start with a trade show booth rental

To produce the parts that go into your booth requires raw materials, these are processed in a manufacturing plant, that often contributes to CO² emissions. Renting a booth offers the most potential to make a green impact on the environment and your wallet.  Rented booths are used by different customers are different times. You as an exhibitor are also not stuck with hassles such as storage, dismantling, and transportation.


Choose a reusable booth

If you do choose to buy a booth, over renting one. Pick a booth that’s designed to be used multiple times. A reusable booth doesn’t just benefit the booth builder. Reusable booths are also designed to be high-quality since they have to last multiple uses, every year.

To get a better idea, if you want to judge whether the booth you are picking is high-quality, skip the showroom and ask the builder to show you their warehouse. From a visit to their warehouse, you’ll get a clear picture of their booth systems, the storage cases they use and the material they use for their booth.


Easy to remove graphics

Graphics that fit the frame of your booth are crucial for success. Get a size larger or fit it loosely than your booth frame and your final booth design looks saggy and lazy. Get a size smaller or fit it too tightly and your risk your graphics tearing and warping during the course of the trade show event.

Choosing to go with magnetic tapes bypasses these limitations completely. Since now you don’t need specialized tools and can fit your graphics by just sliding them onto the frame. Magnetic graphics are especially handy when you are running a conference booth.


Have all the details at hand

Understand and catalog all the rules the trade fair has set, for the booth. This includes the height and dimensions that are permitted. The safety regulations to follow with regard to installation and electrical wiring.  Depending on the type of show you attended, there will be additional regulations about handling firearms, chemicals, or materials that need to be kept sealed.

Knowing the rules will ensure that from transportation to assembly to dismantling goes off without a hitch. Your team will have a clear picture on why your trade show booth is being assembled the way it is supposed to. Though traffic times aren’t under your influence. You can still plan ahead for them by figuring out which times are the most likely to be least crowded.

In the end, if your trade show preparation is solid and if you choose a build that doesn’t require a technical staff, installing and dismantling your booth will not at all be problematic.