Understanding the Customer Line of Sight

When it comes to exhibition booths, some things are in your control and some things aren’t. Even those things that aren’t your control can be made to work in your favor if you tweak some things that are.

That’s the beauty of having a great exhibition booth, see you can’t control where your client will look, but you can draw their attention. To create a great trade show exhibit you must understand where the client looks, why they look in certain places and how to get their attention.

Where Does The Attendee Look First?

There are some very simple rules that determine whether or not you’ll be able to get your potential client’s attention. Each of these depends on the reactions they have to everything that they look at in their immediate vicinity. The decision to visit one exhibition booth over another has a lot to do with the psyche, the visual stimulus and the thoughts your attendees will walk in with.



Do They Know What They’re Looking For?

The first and foremost determinant of whether you can get your attendees attention is whether they walked in knowing what they wanted. Sometimes people just walk in knowing that there is only one service provider for them and what they want out of them.  There is very little that your booth design can hope to do for them, regardless of where they go.

However, this is very unlikely. Exhibition booths are usually fair game all around. Most business owners and executives know what they’re looking for, but they don’t know who they will take it from. These people will look around and search the entire floor before they choose to engage with you. It is likely that they will observe you, evaluate and then see if they want to engage.


The General Environment

What catches people’s eyes is an exhibition booth that sticks out like a sore thumb. How you can be more noticeable depends on the activity that takes place around you. Assuming a situation where there is little to no activity around you, if you have vibrant color schemes or good lighting around you, it is likely that they will notice you.

However, this does not mean that having a greater amount of activity around you will always ensure that you generate a lead. Sometimes these situations can become a blur of noise and colors and sticking out might require you to tone yourself down a little bit to become distinguished from the rest.


View From the Entrance

This one is pretty obvious, if you are situated near the entrance, it is very likely that you would be one of the first to be noticed in your booth. Booths that are situated at the back will only become more noticeable once the client ignores a little. In these situations, there is a lot of pressure on booth operators to make a good impression on the first go and although you are one of the first to be noticed, you are also one of the first who will be scrutinized.



Exploiting The Line Of Sight

When you’re in a room with potentially all of your competition, it becomes harder to stand out. Since you operate within the same industry, you all have potentially same services and price ranges. Product differentiation is hardly a principle you can use to your advantage in this scenario.

A good marketer knows how to exploit the line of sight and makes sure that they pop out amongst a blur of similar products and booth designs.


Always Customize

Even though you and your competitors work with similar products and goods, that doesn’t mean you’re also the same organization. A customer’s decision to visit your booth doesn’t just depend on the services you have to sell, it also as a lot to do with how you represent yourself.

Customizing your booth designs is a sure fire way of standing out from your competition.


Make Sure The Color Schemes Go With The Lighting

Depending on how bright or dim the lighting is around you, creating a visual impact requires you to use appropriate color schemes. Bright lights will catch the eye, but simply meld into the background if everyone else is also using them. Creating contrasts is the key to standing out. The more you visually stand out, the more likely it is that you will draw attention to your services and organization



Always Stand Next To The Relevant Service Providers

These could be people who make goods/services that act as complements to yours or could be substitutes to yours. Its easy to drive sales for tires, if you stand next to a car manufacturer or some other parts manufacturer.  After all, you both serve similar markets. If your competition cannot generate sales, that’s your chance to capitalize and offer what they haven’t to make the sale yours.

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