First Time Exhibitors Are Recommended to Go in for a Trade Show Booth Rental


If you are a first time exhibitor, you are likely to feel anxious about the show outcome. And when you are unsure of success, it is difficult to invest heavily in booth design.

Trade show booth rentals make testing waters easy. So what are these trade show booth rentals and why are they making the lives of exhibitors, especially first time exhibitors, so much easier?


Cost savings

One of the biggest reasons why exhibitors are recommended to go in for rental trade show booths is the cost. Reducing the amount an exhibitor spends on base display means that there is more budget available to participate in more shows. Exhibit houses can do a lot of magic!

They can give the same look and feel in a number of material options. Rentals booths don’t need to be preserved for long. So they can be made with not-so-expensive material that has excellent appeal. With rentals being available for a third of the price of a booth that is purchased, there is definitely a lot of savings involved for promoters of the brand. And there is no cost of maintenance, storage or transport too!

Ease of setting up the display

Convenience is another key factor that exhibitors look at when they go in for a rental display. For first time exhibitors, planning for a trade event can be an overwhelming task.

By choosing a rental trade show booth, these issues are taken care of by the provider of the exhibition booth so that the exhibitor can focus on other tasks related to the final presentation. The exhibition booth provider will even ship the booth and set it up at the venue so that the exhibitor can rest easy on those fronts.

Customizing the display

Getting the rental booth customized to suit the brand is not a big deal at all. The exhibition services provider will be happy to put together a creative team who will refurbish a rental booth with signature brand elements. And the exhibitor can customize the booth differently every time he participates in a new show.

A new look, themed as per the show will make it so much more attractive. The exhibitor is not stuck with the same design for a lifetime and hence he can change it if it is not giving the desired outcome. A trial-error approach is possible with rental booths. There are no fixed investments, after all.

If you are a first time exhibitor, let us talk you through the benefits of a rental trade show display in greater detail. Give us a call and we will be happy to assign you an expert for consultation.