How to Create Custom Trade Show Booth Rentals for Your Business?


Trade shows tend to involve a bit of sensory overload—in a good way. Traveling from display to display, one begins to feel more and more immersed into the world of their industry. This makes witnessing the unveiling of new technologies and talks by industry superstars all the more exciting for consumers.

This is, in part, thanks to the brilliant designs of the booths at the shows. It seems that, with every trade show we attend, the booths and displays get more and more impressive. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming—with so many great displays out there, how can you ensure your booth is just as notable, if not more?

The key to creating a dynamic and memorable trade show booth is to proudly show off both what your company has to offer and what makes it different from the other businesses showing at the expo.

By creating your own custom trade show booth, you’ll have the opportunity to show prospective clients and your industry peers what your brand and message is.


The Branded Booth


Perhaps the most important element of a custom trade show booth is your branding. There are a few hard and fast rules when it comes to branding for a show:


  • Keep It Recognizable:

If your branding always includes green and gold, and your mascot is usually a lizard, make that clear. Feature your colors in the design, and definitely let your mascot shine! This way, consumers who already know your brand will be more likely to come to you.

On the flip side, it enhances the chance that new customers or prospects who visit your booth will later see your product in the real world and connect it to the great experience they had speaking with you at the show.

  • Keep It Simple:

The best branding is creative, but clear and simple. Adding too many elements can cause confusion among consumers, which will make your actual services hard for them to remember. Stick to what makes your company sparkle, and try to align your extra features with that.

  • Keep It Related:

Make sure that your branding and design for your booth actually relates to your product and message. Otherwise, prospects may enjoy visiting your booth, but it’s possible they won’t remember what your company is actually selling.


Endless Possibilities


When it comes to customizing your own booth for a trade show, the options are practically unlimited. This is a time for your events or marketing team’s creativity to strut their stuff!

Some of the most successful expo displays can attribute their success to creating an immersive experience for the consumer. In these cases, a prospective client enters a show booth and instantly is transported into the world of the brand. Not only is this an enjoyable experience, but the customer will be able to learn about your brand and mission in an interactive way.

As you customize your display, it helps to ask yourself what you hope to convey to the public. What emotions do you want prospects to feel as they enter your booth? What do you hope they will be thinking when they leave?


Choosing a Size


When you hire a booth with a reputable company, you will be presented with dozens of choices. At Exponents, we are proud to offer an enormous range of custom trade show booths in all sizes. Companies can choose from anything between a perfectly compact 10×10 to a sprawling 50×50 feet display.

Of course, how big you want your booth to be depends on both your budget and your vision for the show. If you want your prospects to be milling around, you want to be able to create the space for that to be possible.

Some companies actually rent a few small booths and arrange them to form corridors, so the customers can easily walk from one of their displays to another, effectively spending more time with that brand.


Did Someone Say “Freebies?”


It’s no secret that the world loves free things!

Hosting giveaways and handing out swag is one of the best ways to draw people into your booth and remember your brand. However, there are still a few things to remember when designing freebies for your trade show appearance:


  • Keep It On Brand:

If you give away a free item that has nothing to do with your brand, it can be confusing to the consumer. Be sure the voice of your mission and image is still clear with whatever you are giving away.

  • Be Creative:

Often, people leave expos with tote bags filled with a lot of the same thing. Stand out from the crowd by giving away a unique (but useful) item with your branding, like an insulated lunchbox. If it can somehow relate to your company (or even your brand’s name), all the better.

  • Be Practical:

By giving away a branded practical item, like hand sanitizer or a phone grip, you are giving your company more exposure to the consumer. Every time they clean their hands or flip their phone over, they’ll see your brand.


Ready to design your dream custom trade show booth? Get in touch with our team at Exponents and talk to us about your vision, budget, and everything else on your mind. We’ll make sure you choose the best booth for your brand, and that you make a splash at your next expo.