How to Improve Your Trade Show ROI?


Exhibiting requires a significant amount of time and money. The key priority is to have a unique trade show display so as to attract visitors to your booth space. To achieve this, you need to have an experienced partner, who has creative trade show booth ideas that can help you set your company to stand apart from your competitors and make heads turn at your next trade show.

There are countless ways to become more successful at a trade show. In this article, we have covered tips to achieve more with the same budget.

Are you participating in a trade show soon? Then increase your return on investment with these practical tips.


Choose the right event

Predictable, but no less true: always determine your conference booth goals and KPIs first and only then choose the one that best suits your needs. You reach new investors in a different place than end-users of your products or services.

Before you register for a show, always think carefully about these questions:

  • Who are you and what do you stand for?
  • Who do you want to reach?
  • Where do you reach them?
  • What are you going to tell?
  • What do you do when they listen?

It all sounds so logical, but in the issues of the day it quickly falls short and you miss opportunities.


Choose the correct location

After choosing the right show, you want to determine the right location. This is especially important if there are multiple trade shows for your industry, or if you operate internationally. Obtain as much information as possible about the show and its visitors. Have you not been at a trade show before? Then you can also inquire about experiences via forums or LinkedIn groups.

The correct location is also important on the trade show floor itself. If your trade show is in the wrong place, it can save a lot of visitors and turnover. You can read how to determine the best location in this article.


Make a time scheduleTime Management

Time is money, also at a trade show. If you want to increase your return on investment (ROI) on your booth for rent, take a critical look at your time schedule. Draw up a schedule in advance and discuss this with your colleagues and trade show crew. And perhaps more importantly: stick to it.

Just make sure your schedule is realistic. Talks quickly run out and after giving an intensive workshop or presentation you need some time to refresh yourself. If you plan activities too closely together, your planning quickly turns out to be unfeasible.

Another tip. Think of activities for the empty fifteen minutes in advance. Maybe you can already enter some leads in your CRM or follow leads via social media? You have already done that work.


Strengthen your relationship with journalists

There are usually many journalists walking around a show. Try to get in touch with them, so that they pay attention to your products and services for free.

If you want free publicity, keep in mind that journalists run faster for you if they like you or benefit from it. Therefore, only offer journalists real news and try to strengthen your personal bond. For example, by following important editors via social media and responding to them. The trade show is a great opportunity to shake hands in real life.


Social Media PlatformsUse social media

With social media, we suddenly have a lot of channels to spread information. Use them for news and dignity about your trade show participation. You can also enter into a dialogue with visitors and hitch a ride with the ‘buzz’ around the fair.

Does a trade show use a specific #hashtag for Twitter or Instagram, for example? Use it in your messages. Then they stand out sooner and you increase the chance that someone will share them with his or her followers.


Avoid surprises

If you want to ‘pop’ at a show, you should not be faced with any surprises at your conference booth. Therefore, limit the chance of this to a minimum and prepare optimally. For example, bring enough spare clothes and make a survival case, containing adhesive tape, thumbtacks, pull ties and so on.

Online you will find various lists of products that should not be missing at any fair.


Take good care of your staff

The people manning your booth are probably your most important asset and can make or break your brand. No matter how stunning your exhibit rental or promotional material looks, selling remains human work. Therefore, take good care your colleagues and take sufficient rest.

Taking a break in time and eating and drinking enough is important. It ensures that you stay sharp and energetic throughout the trade show.


Increasing ROI at the trade show is a matter of planning and attention

Increasing your ROI at a trade show does not have to be expensive. By doing fewer things better and more consciously at your conference booth, you get more returns from every contact.

For example, do not try to please every trade show visitor, but concentrate fully on the people you want to reach. And think carefully about what you will do when they listen to you. Train your staff well in advance. Details make the difference.

Do you have any tips and suggestions to increase your return on investment at a stock exchange? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.