7 Tips to Generate Quality Leads at a Trade Show


The more prospects you have, the more likely you are to turn them into new customers. Generating leads at a trade show is imperative for brands who exhibit frequently. Ask for the contact details of visitors to your booth so as not to end the dialogue on the show. If visitors are willing to leave their contact details with you, there’s a good chance they’ll one day become a customer. The ultimate goal of these prospects is to obtain new customers.

So, let’s quickly go through these 7 handy tips that will help you to generate more leads at your next trade show.


1. Discreetly ask visitors to leave their contact details at the Trade show

You did a fantastic job by keeping the visitors engaged at your trade show exhibit rentals space. What’s next? Take the opportunity to discreetly request the contact details of your visitors. For example, use a tablet where visitors can answer a survey and enter their contact details.

You can even pay with your business card and not cash for contactless payment. As you can see, there are multiple ways to ask visitors for their contact details. It goes without saying that you must comply with data protection laws and make your visitors indicate that they agree to receive a newsletter.


2. Organize workshops and seminars

Many professional participants go to national and international trade shows to participate in the conferences and workshops that take place there. So, if you are able to set up such meetings, do not hesitate to do so. Invite industry experts to reinforce your brand image and promote the number of prospects.

To host such events, your booth must be designed to contain a meeting room. You need to hire an experienced team of booth designers for creative trade show booth ideas that will help you to invite plenty of visitors to your booth space.


3. Give live presentations

Live presentations also tend to attract qualified high-quality leads since they are the ones who want to know more about your product and engage in discussions about it.

Train the people representing your trade show exhibit rental, about scanning each of the attendee’s badges during the presentation while engaging them in a conversation about your brand.


4. Train your staff

A well-trained booth team is one of the prerequisites for customer relations and therefore transforming prospects into customers. You can prepare your staff in advance by anticipating visitors’ reactions during role-plays. It’s also important that your team keep an eye out for visitors who might just come and use your goodies. Of course, visitors should all be treated the same. Still pay more attention to customers who really care about your products and services.


5. Organize contests to generate more leads

The contests are very popular with the public. This is why exhibitors often organize raffles. For exhibitors, contests are only interesting if they are combined with a lead generation strategy.

For example, ask questions about your products and ask participants for their contact details. If you want to run an interactive competition, your booth design should be suitable. Exponents Inc can assist you in this process.


6. Ask the right questions

A simple and effective way to generate quality leads is to have visitors fill out surveys. Be sure to ask only a few relevant questions. Thus, participants will not give up too quickly. With well-asked questions, you can get a lot of information.

Think in advance about what might motivate visitors to the show to take the survey. Serve a drink or a snack to the people who answer it and why not goodies. With a little ingenuity, you will find the right way to generate leads at trade shows.


7. Always advertise your show presence

Take out time to advertise your brand’s presence at the relevant trade shows. Write a blog about your show, share it with your social media and follow your targeted leads on the social media platform. Use email newsletters to your clients for letting them know about your show and your location.

Advertise your presence prior to the actual event for encouraging the clients in finding you at your trade show booth space. Through this way, you can very easily attain new quality leads as your potential clients.

These were a few tips that will help you generate quality leads at your trade show exhibit rental. If you want to get the right type of leads flocking to your booth space and build a lasting brand image, you need to focus on keeping your booth as interactive and inviting as possible.