How to Prepare an Exhibition Booth Design in Las Vegas?


Even in today’s world of computers, video conferencing and mobile devices, good old fashioned networking – getting out, meeting people, shaking hands, face-to-face information exchanges – is still good for business.

Las Vegas trade shows remain a staple for exploiting these opportunities, growing your customer base, discovering the latest trends, establishing partnerships, and reinforcing your brand.

Like any business venture, if you don’t approach a trade show properly, you minimize the possibility of your success. An exceptional exhibition booth design for your show in Las Vegas will play a huge part in impressing attendees and getting that all-important first contact.


How Do You Design an Exhibition Booth for Trade Shows in Las Vegas?

Exhibition halls are often large, noisy, crowded spaces, and Las Vegas trade shows are no different. Las Vegas plays host to a number of really large exhibitions, trade shows, and industry events!

People attending trade shows are looking for new opportunities… Research released by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research shows that more than 85% of trade show attendees are unfamiliar with a specific company’s offerings, and that 70% are actually there to find, sample, or buy new products and services.

Make sure you do everything in your power so they find you.

With a well-developed exhibition booth design, you can be sure that your business stands out. Be seen!

The Process of Exhibition Booth Design:

What Do You Want Your Booth to Do?
A great exhibition booth design starts when you define and refine your goals for the booth. What, exactly, do you want it to do for you? Should it pull people in from across the floor? Give you space to meet and speak quietly with people? Host a demonstration or presentation? Allow you to enroll someone in your programs?

Not sure how to accomplish your goals? A professional exhibition booth designer can show you how to be both creative and functional. Collaborating with the experts at Exponents will lead to a design that supports your strategy and your business needs.

How Do You Build the Display?
Your ideas for an exhibition booth design can result in everything from exciting graphics and branded display cases to private meeting booths and custom video monitors. There is no detail that cannot be matched to your exact requirements.

Exponents designs display booths that are functional, mobile, and easy to set up, transport, and disassemble. Our modular booths can be customized to fit multiple configurations, giving you endless opportunities when selecting your trade show booth size.

Build Your Success!
An eye-catching booth draws visitors and passersby in to your space. Its positive impact can influence buying decisions and lead to word-of-mouth traffic both in and outside of the trade shows you attend.

Use your booth design to highlight your sales and marketing skills, and get a real return on your booth design investment.

Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about trade shows, exhibition booths in Las Vegas, or how to best leverage your branding through your trade show presence, talk with one of our experts. We’ll walk you through an affordable process that will maximize your potential success at every trade show you attend.

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