Responsible For a Trade Show Exhibit Las Vegas Budget? 12 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money


Las Vegas is the Holy Grail for trade, fashion, business, and exhibitions. A city which thrives on its night lives, casinos, parties, props, and other eye-catching glitz transforms to a real deal when it comes to its exhibitions.

As per records, the trade fairs across the US pulled a turnover of around 13.2 billion USD in 2017 with a market growth of about 2.5%. So if this trade exhibit season you are thinking of hitting the potential pool audiences in Vegas be assured it’s going to take a toll on your budget as trade shows in Vegas are pretty expensive.

Thus the value which your sales team could churn out from the Vegas trade exhibits mostly depend on how well your marketing team understands the nits and grits of managing exhibitions in Vegas, making every dollar count.


12 Top Notch Ways to Spend Your Money


1. Research on the Trade Show Before Committing Participation

Procrastinators have no place in Las Vegas. Knowing who is coming and who is not is the first step in your trade fair planning. Always remember that around 81% of the attendees have buying capacities; however, 70% of the exhibitors have no plan.

So whenever there comes the buzz of a trade fair, get the attendees list first and chalk out your potential customers. You can send them brief introductory emails mentioning how you would like to meet them in person, also don’t forget to encourage them to stop by your booth.

If possible, run a keyword search. Chalk out the keyword appropriate for the exhibition and run it on the official website to check the exhibitors who are checking it out. Also, make a detailed plan accordingly.

However, make sure not to spam their inbox with your products lists and don’t start selling right away.


2. Be First to Register for a Reputed Trade Show

As mentioned already, procrastinators generally find themselves in the dirt when it comes to a trade fair in Vegas.

According to some experts for a proper trade fair experience, exhibitors should start at least half a year before the scheduled dates while attendees should begin processing at least six weeks advanced. Just as you know about the event, register first. Also, register beforehand hands some early bird discounts.


3. Be the First to Book Real Estate at the Trade Show Centre

Getting the best spot is winning half the game. Strategically placing your booth in the lounge area of the Trade center can bring you potential customers beyond your calculations.

For those long trade fair days, there is nothing more exhausting for an attendee to walk around those long corners to reach the end booth. In most cases, they tend to skip it.

Here note that trade fairs are areas to create a network and not centers for product placement. So instead of packing it up with products stand out in the race by placing a lounge or sofa and discuss your business ideals with the attendees on a couch while sipping a cup of coffee.


4. Ask for a Cost Estimate for Your Trade Show Exhibits in Las Vegas

Being a highly sought after trade show destination, Las Vegas is expensive, and running a successful trade fair campaign in the city is even more costly.

There are no rooms to cut corners when it’s a trade show exhibit Las Vegas. However, by starting early, you can cut down the cash flow to a considerable extent.

If your booth rental costs around USD 20,000, make sure to chalk your budget around twice more than that. The factors to consider while drafting your budget includes

  • Booth space including rental costs
  • Exhibition stands designs and decors
  • Logistics
  • Marketing costs
  • Staffs
  • Additional miscellaneous charges
  • Showbiz costs

As per a report from the ‘Centre for exhibition industry research in 2009, a properly planned face-to-face exhibition costs a company around USD 96 while catering the same kind of leads elsewhere costs around $1039. Exhibitors who have adequately prepared booths can churn out 12% or even more ROI.


5. Deploy Reusable Trade Show Exhibits to Save Costs

The point is to make your booth stand out in the race. However, that doesn’t imply you have to waste thousands of dollars on fancy carpets or glitzy booth decors. It could be simple, elegant, and something that can reflect your game-changing.

So you can very well opt for reusable exhibits. There will be no points cut if you are not deploying sealed furniture or carpets as long as the business ideals are enticing.


6. Ask for Custom Trade Show Exhibit Designs

Note that your booth is the manifestation of your business, and attendees will have their first impression based on the display of your booth. So instead of assembling pre-built display pieces, build your customized booth from the ground based on your specifications.

The benefits of using a custom booth are:

  • These are designed as per your budget
  • The structure and layout for these customized booths speak for your brand, and the attendees can get a glimpse of your brand in a single glance
  • These show your individuality and creativity
  • You may employ custom booth designers for this purpose


7. Use High-Quality Fabrics for Brand Graphics

Graphics play a significant role in a modern competitive business ecosystem. The fabric on which graphic is designed is even more critical. Don’t cross cut in the material quality when it comes to creating your brochures or flexes.


8. Ask for a Demonstration of the Trade Show Exhibits Before the Event

Before the event ask for some demonstrations regarding the exhibits, the plan you are about to deploy, the point regarding which you will pitch your proposals along with that be prepared with some probable questions that attendees might ask you post the demo.


9. Look for a Travel Partner to Get the Best Discounts (Flight tickets, cab rentals)

As per market records travel, and lodging expenses have gone up by sevenfold times in the last 30 years during trade fair season. When in 1988 it took up only 2% of budget allocations, in 2018, it’s eating up 14% of the total budget.

So getting travel partners for flight, hotels, and cabs can land you with hefty discounts cross-cutting the budget by as much as 20%.


10. Look for a Hospitality Partner to Get the Best Bargains on Hotel Bookings

Vegas during trade fair is accessible. It just takes a snap to get the room, transportation, exhibition halls, fine dines and other world-class entertainments in Vegas.

However, the prices can eat up more than half of your entire budget. So don’t fall prey for the overwhelming amenities of the Sin City. Hire hospitality partners who have excellent contacts and experiences to get you good deals on hotel booking and other amenities.

In case you are skeptical about hiring hospitality partners, here are a couple of reasons on why you should hire:

  1. They will save you a great deal of time and money
  2. Faster processing
  3. The best hospitality agencies will use a connection with the best hotels and will offer you with great deals


Make sure to hire partners with lots of experience and exposure in this field.


11. Ask for a Concierge Team to Release Your Resources from Non-Core Tasks

Your Vegas stays during trade fairs are ought to be packed up and hectic. Dealing with non-core tasks and trivial issues during the span is not only wastage of time but can be negatively impacting on your exhibit.

So ask for a team of concierge beforehand to release your resources, and get everything on point as planned. The importance of concierge includes

  1. Facilitating travel
  2. Providing improved hospitality experiences
  3. Assisting the visitors
  4. Providing guest services
  5. Keeping all the patrons on spot ready


12. Always Let Professionally Trained People Handle the Dismantling of the Exhibits

Installation and dismantling are two central pillars in the supply segment of face-to-face business industry. Thus not only setting up of the booth but dismantling the trade show exhibit Las Vegas is equally essential.

Hiring professional teams while dismantling helps in recovering various exhibitions which you can utilize in multiple other trade booths or for general advertising purposes as well.


To Conclude

The creation of brand value and recognition is much more important than saving a few dollars. In quest of saving dollars, don’t cross cut in a way that it creates a negative impact on your brand.

Research properly, finalize your budget, and get in touch with some of the best hospitality partners and churn out the best deals. Go to Vegas, don’t get too overwhelmed and focus on creating networks to spread your brand value sky-high.