Scale up Your Rental Booth to Fit Your Opportunity


There are a lot of options available to you when you are deciding on exhibition booth designs. The amount of variation can be intimidating at first, as you may not be sure what one matches your overall goals. While tradeshow booth rentals are diverse, we here at Exponents will try to help you pick one that is right for you. In this article, we will go over the advantages to scaling up your rental booth and show how it will open the door to your opportunities.


Up Your Rental Booth Size

As you may know, tradeshow booth rentals come in numerous sizes. Smaller booths have a profile of ten feet by ten feet, while large booths can be fifty by fifty feet. During your marketing strategy, you will likely consider what size booth is adequate for what you want to display and what one is within your budget.

While having a smaller booth may be easier on your funds, it might not be big enough for your overall goal. Conversely, a very large booth will be flashier to your target audience, but you may not have enough resources to flesh it out. Scaling up your booth size will make it more accommodating to your audience, and will likely draw in more people as well. Size is one factor to consider while deciding on exhibition booth designs, but there are other considerations to think of as well.


Maximize Your Display Area

Another advantage of trade show exhibit rentals is you can choose the size of your display area. All exhibition booth designs come with some displays. Smaller booths may have only one to four areas to display products, while the larger ones have five areas and up. These displays include table tops for displaying your physical products along with informational documents, flat screen television displays for videos about your products, displays for graphics and images, as well as one for your company’s logo.

The visual aspect of your booth is what draws most people to you initially. If your space is visually appealing, you will likely draw in more attention. While choosing from exhibition booth designs, we recommend choosing a booth that will maximize the area for your product’s visual display. After all, capturing the attention of new clients is what tradeshows are all about. I have encountered some very capturing rental trade show booths in Miami that had drawn in large crowds.


Upscale Your Audience’s Comfort

Engaging new consumers can often take time. The more people have to stand while at your booth, the more likely they are to get tired and walk away. Another perk of tradeshow booth rentals is you can pick a display that comes with seating. If you have places where your audience can sit comfortably while your salesmen explain your products, they are more likely to stick around and listen. Exponents offers over a dozen exhibition booth designs with seating areas.

The amount and type of seating varies among exhibition booth designs. Some smaller booths may only come with a few four leg chairs, which will come in handy nonetheless. The larger designs feature more and fancier seating, such as lounge chairs and stylish loveseats. They may also have seating areas for several people to sit and listen. These areas make for a prime opportunity to land several new leads at once. They will prove to be useful throughout your time at the tradeshow.



These are just a few of the ways that scaling up your tradeshow booth rentals can lead to new and exciting opportunities. The size of your booth should be an important part of your marketing strategy. Choosing a larger booth allows you to take advantage of having more display areas, more areas for your audience to relax and converse, while also making your display stand out amongst your competition.

While browsing through exhibition booth designs, such as the ones offered here at Exponents, take time to study the layout of each booth. This will allow you to consider which design is best for your business opportunity. While the pricing does increase as you go up in size, the ability to captivate and generate new leads increases as well.