How a Rental Booth Can Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goal?


Trade shows have been around since the medieval age. Their purpose is simple, to raise awareness of your brand to potential new consumers. Companies send their best salesmen to tradeshows to engage with the crowds and advertise their products. This allows the company to reach out to a mass of new customers at a single event. The salesmen represent themselves at the show in an exhibit booth. Having a booth that draws in customers is essential. In the modern world, most organizations make use of exhibit rentals. These are booths that you pay to use from a rental company. There are a variety of advantages to using exhibit rental, which we will go over in this article.

Saves You Time

One of the primary advantages to using trade show exhibit rentals is they save you valuable time. There is a lot of planning and strategizing you need to do before a trade show. Without exhibit rentals, you may find yourself stuck with the responsibility of designing a booth yourself. The time you would spend deciding and designing the stand you could better use to plan your marketing at the show. Custom exhibit rental is predesigned and ready to go when you need them, which saves you the hassle.

Reduce Spending

Trade show exhibit rentals, in addition to saving you time, can save you money as well. Designing and building a booth requires several steps. First, you would have to hire someone who can design the booth you want. Then you would have to source and purchase the materials to build the booth, including hardware, wood, paint, and so on. Next, you would have to pay another party to construct the booth. Exhibit rental saves you the trouble and spending to all these steps, which allows you to use your funds to further your marketing goals.

Get a Unique Booth that Draws in Customers

Bespoke exhibition stands are booths tailored to your needs. There is no need to limit your stand to a fixed design. Exhibit rentals, like the ones from Exponents, offer a unique booth that fits your marketing strategy. Nothing draws in customers like a booth that stands out above the rest. Whether you want a booth that matches your company style or one that carries the theme of your products, bespoke Trade Show Booth can fit your needs and boost your marketing. Using an exhibit rentals company does not mean sacrificing originality.




Use Graphics to Capture Attention

There is no doubt that capturing consumers’ attention as quickly as possible is key to your success at the show. Another key benefit to using an exhibit rental company is that they can create custom graphics to fit your marketing strategy. Our expert designers who use quality materials to create graphics that will capture your target audience’s eyes at the trade show. This will give you an upper edge to your competition and increase sales.

Have Your Booth Delivered and Installed

With an exhibit rental company, you can have your booth delivered and installed for you. This process will save you time and money. There is no need for the hassle of traveling to pick up your trade booth or having to worry about how will you transport it. Companies, like Exponents, will deliver the exhibit to the tradeshow for you. Say, for instance, you needed Trade show booths for hire in Houston, the company could deliver the stand to that city. Once they make the delivery, the company will also install the stand for you. This saves you the stress of having to construct the stand yourself and gives you more time to focus on your marketing for the show.


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In conclusion, you have discovered several ways that an exhibit rentals company can help you achieve your marketing goal. You have learned how bespoke exhibition stands are custom designed to fit your company’s needs. You have also seen how their custom graphics can draw in customers at the show and increase sales. They are even able to save you time, money, transport and labor costs by designing, delivering, and installing your booth for you. The companies behind trade show exhibit rentals work to fit their customers’ needs. Whether you are big or small business, and no matter what product you are trying to sell, companies like Exponents are there to help you along the way.