Smarter Tradeshow Booth Decisions for Quicker Returns


Time and money invested in a tradeshow booth can be higher than the actual return on investment if proper provisions are not made. Exhibitors can maximize the returns on tradeshow booths by incorporating smart design that will turn leads into conversions. Here are some important ways in which this can be accomplished.

Modular design

A modular tradeshow booth has the advantage of using components that can be shuffled around in order to get the best possible result. By using elements that are most likely to attract attention, you can get visitors to want to stop by your display.

No matter what size of exhibition space you have booked, your booth should be able to stand out so that the crowd is attracted to it. Smart design features can make the most use of a small space, add that element of interactivity, and basically make the display ‘fun’ enough for people to want to stop by it.

Set an achievable goal

It is easy to get carried away when it comes to a big exhibition. Always remember the primary reason why you are there. It may be to find new leads, to get more exposure to your business, to expand your business network or simply to get new customers on the spot. Keep just one of these targets as your primary goal instead of having them all as your main goal. This helps you to work towards the one goal and then prep your booth so that it helps to support that objective. If you want to pursue some of the other objectives as well, perhaps you can do that during the next expo.

Test customer reactions

Another advantage of tradeshow booth displays is that they give exhibitors the perfect opportunity to test just how well people are responding to their brand. Watch their facial expressions carefully as you make your presentation. Do they seem impressed? Bored? Be honest with yourself about their reaction so that you can make appropriate changes to your presentation to get better results.

Making changes on the fly should not be viewed as indecision or poor planning. It still gives you a better way of fulfilling your exhibition objectives than keeping a rigid display would.

Don’t always rely on freebies

While freebies have been a tried and tested way to lure customers to a booth, you need to stop and ask yourself if this is really something worth investing in. When you think of your customer, who is the customer you would like to have? Would they like a free pen with your logo on it, or would you like for your customer to be the kind who is more satisfied with a expo-only sales discount?

By figuring out what your customer prefers, you can better design your booth to make it more sales oriented and less about the free giveaways. Customers may also be more grateful that you are not pushing some cheap freeware on them, but are offering them a quality product at an attractive rate.

If you are ever confused about how to go about designing your booth to optimize your exhibition results, all you need to do is speak to your exhibition booth services provider. They are best positioned to help offer you advice so that you can have the best booth on display on the day of the expo.